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The Radio Compass and Navigation, The Bombing Tests and our Naval Policy and more

By Robert G. Skerrett

Depth-Bombing from the Air

Results and Lessons of the Sinking of the Frankfurt and Ostfriesland Off the Virginia Coast

Dead Men's Fingers

One of the Most Interesting Groups of Our Less Common Fungous Growths

By William Alphonse Murrill

Where Oil Occurs

A Brief Description of the Rocks and Sands in Which Petroleum Is Found

By C. H. Messerly

The Red Sea Dollar

How a Trade Coin of More Than a Century's Standing Is Being Retired

By Frank Parker Stockbridge

The Last Word in Power Houses, The World's Largest Watch and more

Some of the Remarkable Features of the New Delaware Station That Typify Present-Day Practice

By William A. McGarry

Towing the Wrecked Car, A One-Piece Welded Structural Frame and more

Postage Stamps in the Making, Stars of Composite Spectra

By S. R. Winters

Preparing Bamboos for the Market, Alcohol as Locomotive Fuel

By H. L. Wright

Sodium Hypochlorite, Comparative Value of Timber Cut from Live and Dead Trees


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