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Is Airship Travel Profitable?, The Divining Rod and more

Saving Food Fish by the Hundred Million

How Victims of the Mississippi Overflow Are Returned to the Main Channel

By George H. Dacy

Keeping the Railroads Afloat

The Water that Our Steam Lines Use in a Year and What They do With it

By Charles Frederick Carter

The Divining Rod Made Respectable

Modern Mineral Location that Proceeds along the lines of Medieval Magic

By E. F. Cone

A. Bridge Building Record

How Cities, Officials and an Industrial Works Pooled Interests, Cut Red Tape and Met an Emergency

By E. W. Davidson

Glass Tubes by Machine

How Handwork has Been Eliminated From a Task Formerly Done Altogether by Hand

How Much Water for the Crops ?

Development of an Automatic Transpiration Balance by Government Scientists

By George H. Dacy

Pearls in Plants, Fooling Fish with Colored Nets


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