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Seeds and Age, Damaged in Transit and more

Eliminating the Planked Railway Highway Crossings

By E. R. Mundorff

A Fuel Comparison

By H. F. Crafts

Man-Made Lightning

Experiments with One-Million-Volt Transmission that Point the Way to Future Power Distribution

Some New Mechanical Amusement Devices, A Centrifugal Concrete Mixer

The Story of Cork

Where the Raw Material for Stoppers and Floats Comes from, and How it is Obtained

By J. F. Springer

The U. S. Collection of Animal Parasites

By S. R. Winters

Saving Uncle Sam's Pennies

The United States Bureau of Efficiency, and What It Is Doing to Conserve Federal Funds Abstracted from a paper read before the National Association of Manufacturers on September 13th, 1921...

By Herbert D. Brown

Blast Furnace Slag

What it is, and How it may be used as a Building Material

By Richard Gruen

Our Latest Science--Eugenics

Its more important Findings and Its Bearing upon the Future of the Race

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Aviator's Tell-Tales

How the Pilot Keeps Track of Distances and Speeds, and Stays in the Air on an Even Keel

By William R. Andrews

Mixing Liquids by Machine

By Jacques Boyer

Zebras in New York

What the Metropolis Can Show in These Striped Creatures Which Are Less Docile than They Look. Illustrations by New York Zoological Society

By William T. Hornaday

Testing the Purity of Quinine

Soil Acidity, The Diver from a Biological Point of View


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