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With the Editors

Tours and Detours

Impressions of the Through Automobile Highways of the Eastern and Central States

By J. Malcolm Bird

The "Big Five"

Our Bid for the Transatlantic Passenger Trade

The Chemistry of the Volatile

Some Interesting Facts About a Relatively Obscure Phase of Chemistry

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Naval Strength of United States, Great Britain and Japan

How Age of Ships Will Affect Relative Fighting Efficiency by 1924

By J. Bernard Walker

The Cricket on the Wire

From Opium to Hash Eesh

Startling Facts Regarding the Narcotic Evil and Its Many Ramifications Throughout the World

By Carleton Simon

A Photographic Innovation

What Do You Know?

The Edison Questionaire--Its Aim, Its Results, and Its Collateral Significance

By Edison

From Easel to Cover

Offset Lithography as Applied to the Scientific American Covers

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Our Point of View

Some Aspects of Bridge Architecture

A Bridge Should Combine Grace and Dignity With Strength and Permanence

By Gustav Lindenthal

From Trireme to Dreadnought

The Development of the Warship from Ancient to Modern Times

By J. Bernard Walker

A New Engine Fuel, Business as Usual While Moving

Can the Airplane Be Made Safe?

Why Airplane Fatalities Take Place and What Is Being Done to Make Flying Safe

By Harry A. Mount

The Dissymmetry of the Body and Its Striking Results, Prolonging the Life of Insects by Variable Temperatures

Grouping Our Power Plants

The Superpower Survey's Impressive Figures, Which Afford Plenty of Food for Thought

By Robert G. Skerrett

The New Marine Salvage System

Lifting a Sunken Ship by an Equalized Pull Upon Her Main Frames

Rolling Pure Nickel

A Recent Metallurgical Development That Puts This Metal on a New Basis

By A. R. Surface

Chemically Pure Nitrogen from the Air

Fabrics Under the Microscope

Some Methods in the Microscopical Examination of Textile Fibers

By Leon Augustus Hausman

Swimmer's Cramp--Its Causes and How They May Be Avoided

By J. S. Taylor

Making the Flood Dam Itself

A Simple Wire Netting Structure That Gathers Mud, Boulders and Miscellaneous Debris to Form a Barrier

By J. F. Springer

Some Simple Pointers on How to Keep a Car

By Harold Hollingshead

The Radio Link

Extending the Usual Telephone Service Bridging Present Gaps with Radio Telephone Installations

Electrostatic Adhesion Phenomenon and its Application to Radio

Why Not a Nation-Wide Building Code?

Research Work of the Bureau of Standards with a View to Learning the Truth About Building Construction

By Geo. H. Dacy

Steel Direct from the Ore, A Gravity Spray System for Orchard

Lightening the Draftsman's Load

Labor Saving Devices That Go Beyond the Familiar Square, Triangle and Rule

By E. S. Van Brunt

A Study in Offspring Herds

What the New York Zoological Garden Has Done in the Way of Supplying Bison and Deer to Others

By William T. Hornaday

Linotype Slugs and Catalogues

Printing a University Library Catalogue from Linotype Title-a-Line Slugs

By Howard S. Leach

A Farmer's Loading Station

The French Suggest a 200-Mile Gun

Super-Range Guns Are Possible, but Costly and Futile

The Power of a Modern Gun and of Thunder, Glycerine from Sugar

Tunnelling the Selkirks

How the Pneumatic Placing of Concrete Has Solved a Difficult Problem of the Tunnel Builder

A Troublesome Problem in Stack-Wrecking, The Defectoscope and Elevator Accidents

Recording Locomotive Operation, The True Physiological Nature of Shock

By Charles N. Winter

The Truth About the Devil-Fish

Correcting Various Erroneous Views Which Have Been Spread by the Highly Interesting if Inaccurate Fictionists

By William Crowder

Harvesting and Threshing in a Single Operation, Harvesting Without Reaping

The Miner's Dump-Heap Goes to Work

How Values Are Being Recovered from Ores That Were Once Discarded

By M. A. Henry

Marking the Detours

When More Voltage Means More Distance

The Limits of Long-Distance Electric Power Transmission in Terms of Today and Tomorrow

By Charles P. Steinmetz

Applied Chemistry Notes

Condensed Information Gathered from Chemical Journals and Other Sources


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