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With the Editors, January 1922

America's Domestic Food Supply

In which we take Inventory of our needs and how far they are Supplied by Home Production

By Robert G. Skerrett

The Electric Field of the Atmosphere During Storms, Gear-Shift Innovations

The Radio Central

America's Bid for World-Wide Wireless Supremacy as Crystallized in the Huge Station at Rocky Point

By Austin C. Lescarboura

The Hydraulic Laboratory

A Prime Aid in Helping us to make the most of our Waterpower Resources

By S. G. Roberts

Stamp Frauds and their Detection

Some of the means Adopted to Protect the Collector from Forgeries

Comets that have Lost their Tails

Curious Irregularities Revealed by the Camera in these Attenuated Streamers

By J. F. Springer

A Catapult and Turntable for Airplanes

The Navy's device for Launching Airplanes into the Wind, without Changing the Course of the Ship

Vehicular Tunnel Ventilation

Tests in an Old Coal Mine, with Regular Automobiles, under Operating Conditions

The Hydraulic Jump

How Nature's Treatment of Rapids and Waterfalls is Copied in Ohio's Big Impounding Dam

The Legal Adviser in Foreign Trade

Standard Specifications for Large Incandescent Electric Lamps

From Steamer to Sailing Ship

A Plea for the two Hundred Wooden Steamers built by the United States Shipping Board

With Eye-Piece and Camera

Recent British Developments in Petrological and Metallurgical Microscopy and Photography

By Albert A. Hopkins

Naval Construction in Japan

Facts and Figures Regarding the Strength of the Japanese Navy Today and in 1927

By Hector C. Bywater

The Determination of Oxides of Nitrogen

Recent Advances in Lighting

The Modern Illuminating Engineer: Artist, Electrician, Chemist and Psychologist

By M. Luckiesh

Government Railroad in Alaska Nearing Completion

Connecting Seward, at the Head of Resurrection Bay, with Fairbanks by a 471-Mile Line

Track Laid on Cables while fill is being Made

Noises for the Movies

How various Realistic Sounds are Produced by means of Ingenious Drummer's Traps

By Albert A. Hopkins

Large Diesel Engines

Reading between the Lines

Methods of Invisible Writing Employed during the War, and their Detection

By Jacques Boyer

Bottling and Labeling Machine for Small Scale Operations, Applying Electricity to the Metal-Melting Pot, and more

Design Patents

What they are, and the Rules Governing Recovery for Infringement of them

By T. Hart Anderson

The "Quest," a Norwegian Sealing Ship which has been Refitted for Sir Ernest Shackleton's new Antarctic Expedition

Recent Discovery in Greek Lands

A Sketch of the Principal Excavations and Discoveries of the Last Fifty Years

The Mount Everest Reconnaissance

A Garbage Crisis

Must we Solve Anew the Problem of the Disposition of Domestic Wastes?

By Harry A. Mount

New Timing Disk reduces a Day's work into a few Minutes, How Sensitive is Dynamite?

New York's Proposed Belt Railway

Substituting Direct Rail Connection for Costly Car-Float and Lighter Transfer between Rail, Warehouse and Dock

By William J. Wilgus

Studying the Flight of Flies

Lessening Lumber Losses

Some of the ways in which Wood Wastes are saved and put to work

By George H. Dacy

Magnetic Testing of Wider Applicability

The Latest in Steel Rails

Doubling the Life while Increasing the Cost Only by Twenty Per Cent

By Frederic C. Carl

Keeping Track of Surgical Operations, Hot High-Nitrogen Gas in a Metal Mine

The Noiseless Elevated

Philadelphia's Plans for Making Conversation Possible while the Trains are Passing

By William A. McGarry

Lumber of Steel, The Grunewald Automobile Race-Course

Bombing and Bombing Sights

How Aiming from the Unstable Platform of an Airplane is made Possible

By E. J. Loring

How did the Ichthyosaurus Live?

Intake, Compression, Power and Exhaust

Successive Stages Showing what happens inside the Motor that drives the Modern Automobile

Trolley Snow Sweepers, Concrete Tower for Dam Construction

Combining Motion Pictures with Clockwork

Why Not Long-Distance Stenography?

The Mechanism of the Psychic

Indications of an Unformulated Force, and What we may hope to make of them

By Hereward Carrington


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