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With the Editors, February 1922

America's Fuel Resources

What We Have and How We Are Using Them

By Robert G. Skerrett

Bridging the Detroit River

Suspension Bridge of 1803-Foot Span Will Connect Detroit With Canada

The Latest African Anthropological Find

The Broken Hill Skull May Prove That the Human Race Started in Africa

By A. A. Hopkins

Artificial Cork

Waste Materials Used in Its Manufacture, and the Applications Found for It

By Ismar Ginsberg

Wireless Telephone Progress

Untangling Our Traffic Tangles

A Survey of What Modern Vehicular Traffic Means and How It Can Best Be Handled

By John A. Harriss

American Telephone Practice from a British Point of View

Overhauling the Human Mechanism

Some of the Extraordinary Things That the Twentieth Century Surgeon Has Learned to Do

By William A. McGarry

A Ten-Year Naval Holiday

Friendly Cooperation Substituted for the Present Naval Competition

The Last Word in Illuminated Highways

An Invention That Calls for the Reversal of a Recently Expressed Editorial Opinion

By J. Malcolm Bird

Where Human Speech Is Put On the Dissecting Table

The Remarkable Laboratory of Experimental Phonetics of Dr. Panconcelli-Calzia of Hamburg

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Greasing Electric Trolley Wires

New Process of Piloting Ships by Sound

Airplane Racing and What It Means

The Immediate Lessons to be Drawn from the Pulitzer Race at Omaha

By Howard Mingos

How an Inventor Straightened Out a Labor Tangle

One Case Where a Labor-Saving Machine Went Into Use Without a Conflict With the Men

By James H. Collins

Corrosion Investigations

Some of the Controlling Factors, and How Account Is Best Taken of Them

By D. M. Strickland

The "Rain-Drop" Auto

By Eric A. Dime

Potash, An Essential for Plant Growth

The Wide Scattering and Low Concentration of America's Deposits, and What We Can Do About It

By George H. Dacy

A Seaside Vineyard

Better Use of Low-Grade Coal

A Coking Furnace of Novel Design Which Greatly Enlarges the Bounds of the Steel Industry

By George H. Dacy

Germination of Light-Sensitive Seeds

Container System in Operation on British Railways

Building Better Homes

Factory-Made Houses that Nevertheless Mark a Return to the Ways of Our Grandfathers

By A. H. Scott

Lining a Creek with Concrete, Garage the Dwelling-Place While the House Goes Up

Human Hair Under the Microscope

Recent Acquisitions to the Knowledge of Its Minute Structure, and Their Applications

By Leon Augustus Hausman

A Second Pompeii

Remains of an Ancient Metropolis Discovered Beneath the Cellars of Mexico City

By Fred Gilman Jopp

Quantum Theory of Color Vision

Measuring in Millionths

The Latest Recording Ultramicrometer, a Device with Instantaneous Action

The Peking-Suiyuan Railway of China

A Road Surveyed, Constructed and Operated Entirely by the Chinese

A Question in National Resources

The Importance of a Central Station for Peat and Muck Investigations

By Alfred P. Dachnowski

Rapid Transit in the Telegraph Office, A High-Speed Crankless Steam Engine

The Voice With the Nation-Wide Audience

Electrical Equipment Employed in Conveying Arlington Ceremonies to Thousands in New York and San Francisco

By Robert W. King

The Utilization of Atomic Forces

How Jack Frost Stimulates Plant Growth

Novel Experiments Which Go to Show That Chilling Governs All Vegetable Growth

By D. H. Georgian

Photographing Blood Stains, Magnetized Scale Weights

A New Use for Our Old Friend Hypo

By Frank B. Howe

Sewage: The Price of Civilization

One of the Problems of Modern Community Life with Which Our Remote Ancestors Had No Concern

By Harry A. Mount

The Pneumatic Hub, Measuring Low Air Velocities

The Bat Pest in Ceylon

Sand-Blasting Small Parts


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    Our Point of View, February 1922

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  • The Heavens in February, 1922

  • Our Readers' Point of View, February 1922

  • Recently Patented Inventions, February 1922

  • Science Notes, February 1922

  • Miscellaneous Notes, February 1922

  • Civil Engineering Notes, February 1922

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, February 1922

  • Notes and Queries, February 1922

  • Patents and Trade-Marks, February 1922

  • Electrical Notes, February 1922

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