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With the Editors, March 1922

Winged Surveyors, March 1922

What Aerial Photography Is Doing for Industry and Science

By Sherman M. Fairchild

The 1922 Car

What the New York Automobile Show Tells About the Trend of Design for the Coming Year

By J. Malcolm Bird

Moving Niagara into Canada

The Great Power Canal That Carries the Lake Erie Waters to the Edge of the Bluff at Queenston

By J. F. Springer

Radio for Everybody

What the Radio Telephone Service Means and How It Can Be Applied in the Home and Business

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Research Settles the Problem of Tunnel Ventilation

The Best System for Supplying Fresh Air to the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel Tube Is Determined

By Robert G. Skerrett

Artificial Plants in the Making

The Study of Osmosis Under Natural and Artificial Conditions

By E. Bade

The Lincoln Highway of the Telephone

The Romance and the Technical Difficulties Met in Laying a Giant Cable Across the Mountains of Pennsylvania

By Harry A. Mount

Measuring the Growth of Trees

The Yacht of a Viking Queen, The Effect of Exercise on Blood Constituents

By Charles d'Emery

A Recorder that Speaks, An X-ray Outfit in a Hand-Satchel

The Mount Everest Reconnaissance

Further Details of the Effort to Locate a Possible Route to the Top of the World

The Physical Basis of Heredity

Dominant and Recessive Characteristics: How They Arise and How They Work

By James B. Kelly

Quantity Production of Relief Maps

A New Process Whereby These May Be Had Quickly and in Large Numbers

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Successful Cotton Picker, The Braille Typewriter for the Blind

From Common Carp to Fanciest of Gold Fish

Some of the Wide Variations Which Are Comprised Within a Single Scientific Classification

By Ralph Howard

Making Tea from Holly, Thistle Gardening in San Francisco

By G. A. Orb and S. R. Winters

Roentgen-Ray Photography

Some Recent Applications of the X-Ray, and Some Bizarre Results

By P. J. Risdon

Salvaging Fuel from Boiler-Furnace Refuse, Electrical Operation of Suction Dredger, and more

Freehand Drawing in the Industrial World

How Engineers Are Being Trained to Use the Unaided Hand to Supplement Drawing Instruments

By R. E. Plimpton

Scrapping the Battleships

Torch Replaces Cold Chisel in Converting a Fleet to Junk

By J. Bernard Walker

Spectacles for the Motion-Picture Camera

How the Vision of the Lens Is Modified to Produce Fog Scenes and Other Effects

By Charles Alma Byers

The Organic Chemistry of Soils

Revising Street Intersections With the Aid of a Model, The Freight-Car Liner, and more

More Comfort with Less Work

A Survey of the Latest Devices That Tend Toward Placing Country Life on a Par with City Life

Failures of Bronze and Iron Bell Clappers, How the Color of the Ground Affects Plant Growth

To Put a Diamond to the Test, Musical Strings and where they Come from

A New Caterpillar Development

British Efforts to Save Power and Increase Speed by Means of a Track That Will Yield to Local Obstacles

By F. Rowlinson

Caterpillar Ordnance


The Properties and Commercial Possibilities of This New Alloy

By William B. Stout

Failure of St. Mary's Bascule Bridge

How a Girder in the Counterweight Truss Gave Way and Stopped the Bridge Traffic

By August Kuhlmann

The Oppau Disaster: Facts and Conjectures as to its Cause

By Paul J. Mallmann

Learning While Earning

The Organization, Operation, and Results of an Automobile Factory Trade School

Atomic Structure

The Human Atmosphere

The Visibility of the Human Aura Demonstrated to the Layman

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Vacuum-Bottle Milk-Car, The Cornerless Rock-Crusher


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, March 1922

  • The Service of the Chemist, March 1922

  • Inventions New and Interesting, March 1922

  • The Heavens in March, 1922

  • Recently Patented Inventions, March 1922

  • Miscellaneous Notes, March 1922

  • Science Notes, March 1922

  • Civil Engineering Notes, March 1922

  • Radio Notes, March 1922

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, March 1922

  • Patents and Trade-Marks, March 1922

  • Electrical Notes, March 1922

  • Notes and Queries, March 1922

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