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With the Editors, April 1922

How America's Male and Female Workers Earn their Daily Bread

World Crops for America

How Modern Science Combs the World for New Things to Eat, Picking and Choosing for the Menu of the Future

By R. P. Crawford

Thunderstorm-Breeding Spots and Engineering Design

Applying the Lessons of Industry to the Theater

Ingenious Devices, Partly or Wholly New, Incorporated Into New York's Newest Play-House

By The Staff

Articulated Trains

A Method of Reducing the Weight and Improving the Riding of Railroad Trains

By The Staff

The Toronto Meeting, Air for the Miners

At the Sending End of Radio

Spanning the Atlantic with Fifty Watts of Electrical Energy, and a Few Facts Regarding CW Transmitters

By Pierre Boucheron

The First, and Last, 18-Inch Naval Gun

The Leading Naval Powers Have Agreed to Build No Guns Greater Than 16-Inch

By Hector C. Bywater

Soaring Birdmen

A Study of Soaring Birds and a Review of Recent Glider Experiments in Germany

By Ladislas d'Orcy

Biological Effects of the Tides

Making Two Dirigible Sheds into One, Four-Footed Transatlantic Passengers

A Pump-Power Railroad

How Gravity, Through Water-Filled Tanks, Draws Passengers Up a German Mountain

By Andrew Goobeck

Will the Direct Current Era Return?

Discussing the General Question of Oscillating and Rectifying Vacuum Tubes as Applied to Power Distribution

By Raymond Francis Yates

The Tomb of an Egyptian Queen

The Metropolitan Museum Scores Another Triumph in Finding the Sarcophagus of Aashait

By Albert A. Hopkins

Burning Up the Corn

An Emergency Measure of the American Farmer, and What It Means

By H. C. Hardy

Magnetism in Human Beings, A Mechanical Sun and Moon

Curbing the Colorado

Flood Control, Irrigation, and Power Generation All In One Gigantic Construction

By Robert G. Skerrett

Comfortable Houses Made of Straw

The Earliest Inhabitant

Some of the Simplest of the Animal Forms that Go Back Into Geological Time

By William Butterfield

The Latest in Speed Boats, The All-Steel Grade Crossing, and more

Why the Mail Plane?

The Things That Make This Daily Flying on Schedule Worth All It Costs, and More

By C. H. Claudy

Populations and War

Pouring Concrete Under Water

Barge Canal Dock Walls at Buffalo Built Without the Use of Coffer-dams

Capacity Effects in Inductance Coils

What and Why Is a Contour?

By S. R. Winters

Petroleum Wastes and Savings

The Peer of Decorative Hardwoods

Rosewood: What It Is, Where It Comes From, and What It Is Good For

By C. D. Mell

Packing Perishable Foods in Inert Gas, Washing London Fog Out of the Atmosphere of a Motion Picture Studio

A Ship Without a Bottom

How the "F. D. Asche" Was Towed from Florida to New York with Only a Blanket of Compressed Air to Keep the Sea Out of Her Gaping Hull

By Robert G. Skerrett

Lost in Transit

Tons of Silver from Waste Hypo

An Interesting By-Product of the Present-Day Motion-Picture Industry

By Charles Alma Byers

A Drill for the Tree-Dentist, Auto-Bus Stability, and more

Exactitude in Propeller Manufacture

The Substitution of Accurate Mechanical Methods for the Old Sweep and Pattern

A Steam Car that is Different

Gas-Car Control and Gas-Car Finish with Steam-Car Smoothness

By J. Malcolm Bird

Evaporing Apparatus That Dispenses with Fuel, Automatic Traffic Regulation

Scientific Road Legislation

How the Federal Highways Act Will Take the Hit-Or-Miss Characteristic Out of America's Road System

By C. H. Claudy

The Raw Materials for Artificial Daylight

Some of the Little-Known Processes and Machines Used in Making Incandescent Lamps

By Harry A. Mount

The Effect of Internal Secretions: Why We Are What We Are

U.S.S. "Wright"—Our First Balloon-and-Airplane Carrier

Sir Ernest Shackleton, German Scientific Books, and more


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, April 1922

  • Inventions New and Interesting, April 1922

  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, April 1922

  • The Service of the Chemist, April 1922

  • The Heavens in April, 1922

  • Our Readers' Point of View, April 1922

  • Recently Patented Inventions, April 1922

  • Science Notes, April 1922

  • Miscellaneous Notes, April 1922

  • Civil Engineering Notes, April 1922

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, April 1922

  • Patents and Trade-Mark Notes, April 1922

  • Electrical Notes, April 1922

  • Wild Life Notes, April 1922

  • Radio Notes, April 1922

  • Government Activities

  • Notes and Queries, April 1922

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