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With the Editors, May 1922

Where the Money Goes

How Uncle Sam Will Spend His Income for 1922

Taking the Riddles Out of Radio

Solving at the Washington Conference the Perplexities That Complicated Wireless Communication

By George H. Dacy

Our Wasteful Industries

Six Major Manufacturing Groups That Make a Bad Showing as Regards Operating Efficiency

By Robert G. Skerrett

Cutting and Fitting Beneath the Waves

The Under-Water Torch Speeds Up a Difficult Repair Job on the Narrows Siphon

By Ralph Howard

Piping Made of Paper as a Manufactured Article

Telephoning to Sea

How the Radio Telephone Is Being Used for Connecting ship Passengers with Regular Telephone Subscribes

The Industrial Production of Helium

Long Strides in the Past Five Years Toward the Non-Explosive Airship

By S. G. Roberts

Modern Miracles of Fishes

Some of the Curious Things To Be Seen by a Close Observer of the Piscatorial World

By R. P. Crawford

Tetralin, the New Motor Fuel

Nelson's "Victory" Makes Her Last Voyage

Sugars of Great Price

Some Rare Varieties, of Special Uses, Worth More Than Their Weight in Bullion

By James H. Collins

Automatic Train Control Made Obligatory

What the Recent Action of the Interstate Commerce Commission Means to Forty-Nine Railroads

By C. H. Claudy

Flood and Drought Control on the North Platte

The Pathfinder Project That Will Straighten Out the Water Supply of Southeastern Wyoming

By S. R. Winters

From Railroad to Highway

How 33 Miles of Abandoned Right-of-Way Was Converted Into a Scenic Boulevard

The Motion of the Perihelion of Mercury, Where Road Wrecks Happen

The New World

A Review of Dr. Bowman's Book on World Reconstruction

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Submarine Artist

Waterproof Paints and Canvas and a Diver's Suit Applied to a New Phase of Art

Moth-Proof Wool

Transmitting Power in Fluid Waves

Further Details About a System Already Mentioned in a War-Time Connection

America's Debt to the Howe Truss Timber Railway Bridge, Facts Concerning Molybdenum

Stoking the Employee

Why Scientific Feeding in Company Restaurants Is a Benefit to Both Parties Concerned

By Charles Frederick Carter

Our Subconscious Selves

Have We, Right at Hand, an Explanation for a Large Class of Psychic Phenomena?

By J. Malcolm Bird

Cucumber-Flavored Water

Cars that Carry their Own Turntable, the Cementing Qualities of the Calcium Aluminates and more

Peace-Time Jobs for Poison Gas

How Chlorine and the Other Members of the Family Have Been Put to Honest Work

By Harry A. Mount

A Warning Concerning the Peace-Time Use of Army Gas Masks

New York City's Staten Island Docks

Greatest Pier Project Ever Planned Built at One Time in the History of Ocean Navigation

Waterproofing Fabrics by the Aid of Electricity

The Ductless Glands

Recent Discoveries Concerning These Mysterious Regulators of the Human Organism

By Hereward Carrington

A Menace to Fish Life

The Machine of all Work, Safer Handling of Acid

Copper May Harm Illusive Vitamine

Freezing Fish for Future Food

An Interesting Process Which Is Playing an Important Role in Our Food Supply

A Match That Lights Under Water, Portable Runway for Climbing the Curb and more

"The Friendly Arctic"

Its Well-Stocked Larder and How Three Men Lived Off the Country

Heat and Ventilation for the Cow Stable, Emergency Houses of Clay and Straw

Darts of Light

What Twentieth Century Physics Has Done to the Wave Theory of Classical Optics

By C. E. Kenneth Mees

Speed as a Factor of Horsepower, Modern Stone Age Men, and more

A Fifty-Knot Torpedo, Internal Diagonal Armor for Warships

Jobs for the Tractor Outside the Daily Routine, How the Stability of a Ship is Determined and more


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