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With the Editors, June 1922

The World's Wages--a Statistical Anomaly

The North Atlantic Ice Patrol

How the Coast Guard Cutters Broadcast the Position of Icebergs to Shipping

Beyond the Microscope

A Scientific Motion Picture Film That Depicts the Structure of the Atom

By S. Dushman

New Studies of Caries in Teeth

By Rail and By Water

The Combination Train and Tow Barges Invented by a Belgian Engineer for Use in the Congo

Uncle Sam and Radio

Further Developments in the Deliberations of the National Radio Conference and Future Probabilities

By George H. Dacy

The Gentle Art of Radio Broadcasting

With the Speakers and Artists Who Are Heard But Not Seen Over the Radio-phone

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Railway Motor Car of Special Design

Forecasting Earthquakes

How It Is Hoped to Make the Destructive Quake as Amenable to Prediction as the Daily Weather

By H. D. Benton

Fast Cotton Dyeing

Utilizing all but the Squeal

A Survey of the By-Products Produced by Our Leading Meat-Packing Plants

By Charles Alma Byers

Every Lamp Socket a Radio-Phone

General Squier's Latest Application of Wired Wireless and What It Means in Radio-Phone Broadcasting

By S. R. Winters

Stop! Look! Listen!

Automatic Device Slows the Train at the "Distant" and Stops It at the "Home" Signal

By John T. Bramhall

Two-Cent Gasoline--A Pitfall for the Unwary Investor

A Relief Map that Fills Two Acres, Moving a House of Glass, and more

Planning Big Crimes

Some of the Details that Precede the Actual Commission of a Notable Robbery

By Roy A. Giles

Outdoor Auditoriums of Novel Design

Diesel Engine Wins its Way

Substitution of Heavy Oil Engine for Steam Engine in Harbor Lighter

Windproof Plate Glass Windows

Reducing Dreadnoughts to Scrap Metal

What the British Have Done By Way of Disposing of Their Obsolete or Discarded Fighting Ships

By Hector C. Bywater

Salvarsan and Neosalvarsan

Building a Road with a Dredge

Sand, Pumped from the Mississippi River, Carries the Highway Across a Wisconsin Lake

By L. J. Jellison

The Light of the Night Sky

Why Did the Hermit-Crab Become a Hermit?

A Chapter from the Story of the Struggle for Existence That Accounts for This Curious Creature

By William Crowder

Ashes and Sawdust the Basis of a New Industry

By C. M. Lewis

Speeding up Radio

New Methods Employed for the Automatic Reception of Radio Telegraph Dots and Dashes

By Francis P. Mann

Lumber from Sugar-Cane Waste

Bagasse the Raw Material for a Product Designed Largely to Replace Wood and Relieve Our Forests

By Charles R. Ferrall

The Comodoro Rivadavia Oil Fields

Argentina's Prospects of Entering the Group of Petroleum-Producing Nations

Evolution in Museum Technique

How the Lifelike Animal Groups of Today Are Executed

By F. A. Lucas and A. A. Hopkins

The Formation of Spiral Nebulae

The Problem of Mooring Airships

Proposed Method for the Safe Landing of Dirigibles, and Mooring Them Head to Wind

The Relation Between Body Size and Organ Size of Plants

Plants as Inventors

Sound Engineering Principles Practiced by Members of the Vegetable Kingdom

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Gravitational Absorption

The Great Wall of China

A Geologist's Examination of the Oldest Artificial Structure in the World

Vitamine Food Tablets

When Tables Tip

The Latest Investigations Into the Externalization of the Psychic Power

By Hereward Carrington

Stretching the Five-Foot Shelf

An Invention That May Reduce the Size of Our Books to a Fraction of Their Present Bulk

By S. R. Winters

The Treatment of Fuels by Direct Flame

Coking Coal and Gasifying Liquid Fuels Right in the Fire, Without Danger of Burning Them

By F. Frank

The Age of the Earth

The Inside of the Question

"What is the Matter with Our Colleges, and What Are They Going to Do About It?"

By Dean Ellery


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