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With the Editors, July 1922

Unusual features of the world's largest ship, the "Majestic"

The Psychic Detective

Some of the Pitfalls II the Path of the Psychic Investigator, and How he avoids them

By Walter Franklin Prince

The Business of Broadcasting

A Survey of the Present Radio-Phone Broadcasting Situation and a Speculation as to its Future

By Austin C. Lescarboura

"Majestic"--The Latest and Largest of Ships

The High-Water Mark in the Development of the Trans-Atlantic Passenger Steamer

Determining the Penetration of Wood Preservatives

Pullman and Caboose Radio

The Pioneer Work of the Lackawanna Railroad in Applying Radio to the needs of Land Travel Roverts

By S. G. Roberts

Department of Commerce Radio Periodical

Gyro-Stabilizer as Cure for Seasickness, The Hottest Place in the World, and more

San Francisco's Water Supply Project

Bringing 400,000,000 Gallons Daily by Tunnels and Pipe Lines from Yosemite to San Francisco

By M. M. O'Shaughnessy

The Significance of Calcium for Higher Green Plants

Radio Rules in the Making

Congress Considering the Recommendations of the Radio Conference and in Modified form will mold them into a new Law

By George H. Dacy

An Antediluvian Monster

Is the Argentine Plesiosaurus a Fake or a Scientific Marvel?

By Leonard Matters

The Statistics of Climate

A Vast but Strikingly Inadequate Body of Scientific Data

When the Hand on the Throttle Fails

The Construction and Operation of the Webb Automatic Train-Stop System

By Robert G. Skerrett

Wireless from Trains in Germany, Something New in Movie Scenery, and more

What The Treaty Left Us

Fulfilling the Treaty

Turning Battleships into Merchantable Scrap at Philadelphia

By H. A. MacMullan

Tamed Lightning

Dr. Steinmetz' Small-Scale Duplication of Nature's Discharge

Belgium's Giant Radio Station, Reactions Obtained by Ultra-Violet Light

The Ice Cream Factory

How this Industry has been taken out of the "Domestic" Category

By William A. McGarry

Dr. Nimführ's Soaring Airplane, Sandy Ice Cream

Investigating unknown Forces

The Unique Psychic Laboratory of Fritz Grunewald, at Charlottenburg

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Earthquake Detection Near The White House, Some Physical Characteristics of the Ear, and more

By George H. Dacy

When Steel Beams Stretch

A New Instrument for Observing and Photographing Stresses in Iron and Steel

By P. J. Risdon

Catching the Cinders, Measuring the Heat from the Stars

The Counterfeit Presentment

Anatomical Models -- what they are and where they come from

The Airman's Weather-Finder, The Coloring Matter of Red Roses

The Terminal Elevator for State Barge Canal

Built to Receive Grain from the Canal Barges and Store, Clean and Deliver it to Deep-Sea Shipping

Nutrient Requirements of Growing Chicks

Stopping the Leaks

How Asbestos Insulation improves the Performance of Electrical Apparatus

The Physiology of Grapefruit Ripening and Storage, A Clock that runs without Winding, and more

How Airship Accidents Lead to Airship Progress

The Intricacies of Airship design explained by an Airship Engineer

By C. A. Oldroyd

Conductivity and Permeability in Living Matter, Direct Prints without a Camera

Proteins Differ in Their Nutritive Value as Food

Wild Birds and Their Music

The Feathered Tribes of the Eastern States identified by their songs

The Naturalist's Corner

Notes on Flora and Fauna from All Parts of the World

Chemistry Notes, July 1922

Out of the way Scraps of Information in this important field


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