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With the Editors, August 1922

Where the Oil Goes

Our Strenuous Geological Survey--I

What it means to make a Topographic Map of the United States

By Guy Elliot Mitchell

New Literature for the Tourist, The Colloidal Theory of Rust

The Moss Rose

Policing the Ether

Bringing about order out of Disorder through the Radio Bill now before Congress

By Herbert Hoover

Fire at Sea

Means of Minimizing an Ocean Peril of Increasing Prevalence

By Robert G. Skerrett

New Class of Dyes Permits Dyeing of Two Colors Simultaneously, New Bearing Metal of Unusual Properties

Our National Military Policy

An Organization Embodying the Views of our Citizen Soldiers of the Late War

By John J. Pershing

Dreams of the Blind

The Caribou Hydroelectric Plant

Thirty-Thousand Horsepower impulse Turbines, under one Thousand and Eight Feet Head

The Unification of Communication Engineering

The Present Trend toward our Vast System of Radio and Wired Wireless

By George O. Squier

The World's Longest Bridge

The Twenty-Mile Trestle Over Salt Lake on the Southern Pacific Cut-Off

Inside the Atom, Removing and Installing Large Turntables and more

Submarine Telegraph Cables

With the men who lay and repair these invisible strands that bind continents together

By C. de F. Chandler

Relativity in the Films

By the Einstein Editor

A New Outdoor Wind Tunnel, An Electric Press for Scrap Metal

A New Era in Transportation

A Proposed 1100-Mile System of Train Ferriage on the Father of Waters

By Samuel W. Allender

Corrosion of Chrome Steels, From Iron Ore to Automobile in Ore Plant, and more

Self-Steering Vessels

Recent German Developments in Automatic Gyro Practice

By Alfred Gradenwitz


The Rolling Dump that Uses No Power, A New Job for the Jitney

The Development of Accurate Ammunition

Rifle-Bullets that have made the Long-Range target match a Contest of Endurance

By Edward C. Crossman

Science--A World Partnership

Some remarks upon the International Character of Successful Research

By W. R. Whitney

Ore Deposits Revealed by Plants

The Eight-Wheel Bus, Unloading with the "Tilting Truck"

By C. W. Geiger

After Ashokan--What?

Doubling the World's biggest Water-Supply System to take care of the Future

By S. G. Roberts

Novel Uses for Ultra-Violet Light

The Superlative in Power Lines

Breaking Records in the Transmission of Hydroelectric Energy

By Charles W. Geiger

New Method of Fusing Glass, Measuring 65 to 85,000 Meter Wave Lengths

By S. R. Winters

Garbage in Working Clothes

The Efforts now being made to get the value out of this Municipal Waste

By Harry A. Mount

The Nature of Soil Fertility

Curbing the Mississippi

Levee Construction the Only Practicable Method for Restraining the Flooded River

By J. Bernard Walker

Conquering the Dome of the World

Sand Fence of Old Cross-Ties, Germany's Forthcoming Skyscrapers and more

Psychology as a Business

How the Leading Exponents of this Profession Have Organized for Commercial Service and Research

Fighting a Mud Run

By P. J. Risdon

Stonehenge--The Enigma of Salisbury Plain

Two New Theories Based on Recent Discoveries During Restoration

Do Tables Tip?

Some Critical Comment on Crawford's Investigations and Carrington's Summary Thereof

By James Black

The Bounce-Power Bicycle, Finding Practical Work for Low- Grade Ores, and more

The Radio Patents Situation

Chemistry Notes


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