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With the Editors, September 1922

Across America in Eight Hours

Skilled Hands, or Automatic Machinery?

Some Salient Facts Bearing on a Subject of Fundamental Importance in Modern Life

By Frank M. Leavitt

Dollars from Debris

Putting the Waste of Yesteryear to Work on the Practical Tasks of Today

By William H. Waggaman

The St. Gothard Electrification

Taking the Inefficient and Smoky Steam Locomotive Out of Europe's Greatest Tunnel

By P. J. Risdon

A British Device for Locking Open Water-Tight Doors, Superheated Steam Causes Failure of Cast Iron

The Seventy-Five Mile City

What Henry Ford Wants to Do with Muscle Shoals, and Why He Wants to Do It

By Littell McClung

Armstrong's Super-Regenerative Receiver, A Helicopter that Flies--The Berliner Machine

A Pump that Converts any Automobile into a Fire Engine, Adapting the Double-Barrel Idea to Naval Gunnery

Ectoplasm and Ectoplasm Fakers

The Other Side of the Psychic Picture, as Seen by a Skeptic

By James Black

The Limit of Size for American Schooners, The Gasoline Rail Coach

The Ship Subsidy Bill

Why the Measure Is Vital to America's Continued Prosperity

By Albert D. Lasker

Our Strenuous Geological Survey--II

Some of the Incidents of Topographic Work that Are Not on the Program

By Guy Elliot Mitchell

Industrial Management, Mercury Poisoning, and more

A Huge Coast-Defense Range-Finder, Taking the Error Out of Airplane Wings

By George H. Dacy

Liglits as Aid to Aerial Navigation

Some Interesting Details of British Practice and British Design By a London Correspondent

Taking Aeronautical Photographs from the Ground

By John Edwin Hogg

Down Through the Ages

Intimate Glimpses of Animals Which Have Survived from Prehistoric Times

By William Crowder

Transparent Rubber

California's Test Highway

A Concrete Roadway Built to Be Destroyed in Tests of Its Durability

By Charles W. Geiger

Ships Within Ships: A New System of Barge Transport

An Automatic Hand on the Throttle

Principle and Features of the Sprague System of Automatic Train Control

By S. G. Roberts

Concrete-and-Steel Stadium Construction in France, The Window-Cleaning Carriage

Castles of Plaster and Steel

How Engineering Methods are Being Introduced in the Building of Motion Picture Sets

By Delbert E. Davenport

Explosion Chambers as Defense Against Torpedoes

The Sea as a Safe Deposit Vault

Relics of the Past Being Brought to Light by a Swedish Salving Concern

By L. Staekell

Physical Energy and Biology, A l00-Car Train on the Horseshoe Curve

The Sydney Harbor Bridge

An Australian Engineering Work of the First Magnitude

By P. J. Risdon

The Missing Link in Seaboard Sanitation

The Role Which the Oyster May Some Day Play in the Conservation of Waste

By Wyman Smith

Legendary Islands of the Atlantic

A Brief Account of the Brain-Storms of the Medieval Map-Makers

Electrically Harnessing the Winds

Yoking Windmills to Motors to Produce Light, Heat and Power for Farm and Rural Communities

By Ivan C. Waterbury

Solar Cooking with the Aid of Oil

Eliminating Three Miles of Grade Crossings

How the Lackawanna Railroad Is Recasting Its Line Through Newark and the Oranges

By Robert G. Skerrett

Mount Everest: The Reconnaissance of 1921

Crystals that Live, Safeguarding Live Fish in Transit

By E. Bade

The Naturalist's Corner, September 1922

Government Activities, September 1922


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    Our Point of View, September 1922

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  • Recently Patented Inventions, September 1922

  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, September 1922

  • Science Notes, September 1922

  • Civil Engineering Notes, September 1922

  • Patents and Trade-Marks, September 1922

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, September 1922

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