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With the Editors, October 1922

Where Necessity Was the Mother of Invention

Safes and Safe-Breakers--I

The Story of the Everlasting Struggle Between the Safe Builder and the Bank Robber

By Edward H. Smith

The Spirit-Photograph Fraud

The Evidence of Trickery, and a Demonstration of the Tricks Employed

By James Black

Building a Bridge Within a Bridge

A Plan for Strengthening the Brooklyn Bridge and Enlarging Its Carrying Capacity

Colloidal Metals That Cure Human Ills, Ammonia Table

Railroad Electrification in Chile

An Extensive Undertaking to Insure the National Prosperity of Our South American Neighbor

By William H. Easton

Our Point of View, October 1922

The Truth About the Brooklyn Bridge

Bell and His Telephone

Some of the Little Known Facts About the Great Inventor and His Work

Hypnosis and Surgery

Taking the Roughness Out of Our Roads

The "Lusitania" and the Submarine Salvor

Some of the Schemes Proposed for Dealing with the War's Most Famous Wreck

By Robert G. Skerrett

New Orleans' Big Port Improvement

Preparing for the Future World Trade of the Southern Metropolis

By S. G. Roberts

The Parsons Steam Turbine

Story of the Early Struggles and Final Triumph of a Great Invention

By Hector C. Bywater

Iron and Steel in Brazil

New Tasks for the Weatherman

What Is Cold Light?

By W. van B. Roberts

A Candidate for the British-American Cup Contest

The Electro-Magnet at the Throttle

Details of Still Another Type of Automatic Train Control Now Being Developed

By Charles W. Burrows

The Automatic Collision-Dodger, A Successful Marl Pump and more

Our Strenuous Geological Survey--III

How Geologists and Water Engineers Keep Track of Our Natural Resources

By Guy Elliot Mitchell

Sewer Pipe Investigation

The Golden Age of Peru

Speculations as to Its Magnitude, and Relics from It Recently Added to Our Museums

Cannon-Ball Tests of Concrete, The Age of Insects and more

The Thunderbolts of Peace

Modern Industrial Explosives -- Their Manufacture and Use

By Arthur La Motte

Colloids and Your Health

By Ismar Ginsberg

Chemistry and Preventive Dentistry

By C. C. Vogt

Harvesting Sugar Cane by Machine, Making the Use of Gas in the Home, Safe

The Twenty-Hour Week

Why It Is Not Possible for the Coal Miner to Work Steadily, and What This Means to the Industry

The Green Japanese Beetle

New Jersey's Efforts to Subdue a New and Dangerous Pest

By William H. Cole

Speeding Up the Auto-Tag Industry, Symbiosis in the Forest and more

The Microscopy of Foods

A Study of Starch, the World's Premier Alimental Substance

By Leon Augustus Hausman

Production of Rust by Carbonic Acid

The Ultraviolet in Sunlight

Industrial Uses and Limitations of this Portion of the Solar Radiation

By M. Luckiesh

Practical Uses for the Spectroscope, Secret Radio Communication

Making Wool Moth-Proof

Hearing Through a Walking Stick

Information Leaflet Issued By Patent Office


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  • Notes and Queries, October 1922

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