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With the Editors, November 1922

International Fisherman's Deep-Sea Race

Gliders and Gliding

Recent German and French Gliding Contests and Their Bearing on Aeronautical Progress

Safes and Safe-Breakers--II

The Present Status of the War Between Safe Builder and Cracksman

By Edward H. Smith

To Keep the Home Fires Burning

Expert Opinion on the Coal Shortage of the Coming Winter and How the Householder May Meet It

By J. Malcolm Bird

Wood-Wasps Which Gnaw Through Leaden Plates

A Cable-Way Among the Clouds

How Passengers Are to be Carried Up Mont Blanc in a Suspended Cage

By Frederick Harrison Burlingham

Keeping Irrigation Ditches Clear

From the Bourse to Wall Street

How the World's Largest Radio Station Links Paris with New York City

By Francis P. Mann

Measuring the Load on Locomotive Wheels, Electric Tire-Heating Apparatus

Direct-Drive Diesel Locomotive of Novel Design Proposed by a British Engineer

By S. W. Clatworthy

When Gears and Levers Replace the Cigar Maker's Adept Fingers

Conserving Crops by Fumigation

By Benno Lowy

Irrigation and Water-Power in Palestine

By Henry Woodward Hulbert

A Big Job in Fine Dimensions

Making the Millions of Matrices for Type-setting Machines

By James H. Collins

The Musical Typewriter--A Device for Transposing and Recording Music

When Optical Illusions Aid the Engineer

A Familiar Instance of False Appearances, and the Practical Use Made of It

By F. Rowlinson

Taking Bossie's Nose-Print, The Benefits of Research in Agriculture and more

Post-War Artillery

Developments in Large and Small Guns Since the Warring Days of 1918

By C. C. Williams

Motion Pictures by Radio

The Promise of "Movie" Broadcasts, with Receiving Stations in Every Home

By C. H. Claudy

Our Chinese Customers

One Answer to the Problem of How to Work Our Factories to Full Capacity

By H. G. Murray

When Tracks Tell their Troubles

New Method for Determining Deflection of Rails Under Traffic

Putting Glassware Through the Testing-Mill, Applications of the Thermionic Valve and more

Hypnotism--Fact or Fake?

What Modern Science Has to Say About an Age-Old Manifestation

By Donald A. Laird

Steam Baths Among the California Indians, A Possible Reconciliation of the Atomic Models of Bohr and of Lewis and Langmuir and more

Individual Atmospheres Made to Order

How Push Buttons Control the Ventilating and Heating System at Each Seat In the Recently-Completed London County Council Building

Beating Lightning at its Own Favorite Game

The Catapult of the Fern

A Study of a Remarkable Mechanism for the Dispersal of Spores

By Hemstead Castle

The Tides

Eliminating Static by Means of the Resonance Coil, Handling the Parachute on the Ground and more

Our Strenuous Geological Survey--IV

With the Men Who Have Penetrated and Mapped the Wilds of Alaska

By Guy Elliot Mitchell

The Size of a Molecule, Testing the Drag of Farming Machinery

By Robert S. Ridgway

Reversing the Order of Threshing, Beet-Top Silage in the Ground and more


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  • The Heavens in November, 1922

  • Recently Patented Inventions, November 1922

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  • Miscellaneous Notes, November 1922

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