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With the Editors, December 1922

The Largest Cruising Airdrome

Inventor vs. Forger--I

Early Check Forging and the Transition from Plain Forgery to Raising

By Edward H. Smith

Are You a Musician?

Professor Seashore's Specific Psychological Tests for Specific Musical Abilities

By Harold Cary

About the Radio Round-Table

Opinions of Radio Leaders Regarding the Past, Present and Future of Broadcasting

Our Point of View, December 1922

What Is There Left To Do?

Some of the Things that Agricultural Science Has Still Before It

By D. H. George

The Pulitzer Trophy

A Race of Radiators, Wires and Landing Gears

By Archibald Black

A Super-Locomotive With the Latest Improvements, Bud Mutations

Finger-Prints Via Radio

Enlisting the Long Arm of Radio in the Search for Europe's Malefactors

Painting a Wire Fence Without Waste of Paint, Radiators for Aircraft Engines and more

A Square Deal for the Psychics

Criticisms from Various Sources of the James Black Articles, with the Editorial Verdict

By J. Malcolm Bird

Lighting the Mississippi

The Illumination that Makes the Father of Waters as Safe by Night as by Day

By George H. Dacy

Sleeve-Valve Engines for Motorcycles, Cleaning Wheat at the Thrashing Machine

Flood Control at Kansas City

How a River Is Being Diverted and Carried Through a Hill

Life-Belts and Near-Life-Belts--A Study of Government Regulation and an Invention, A Police Baton Furnished with a Flashlight

When Perforated Paper Goes to Work

How Strips of Paper Can Endow Inanimate Machines with Brains of Their Own

By Emanuel Scheyer

The Rigid Track-Layer

The Dry-Cleaning and Dyeing Industry

Some of the Interesting Technical Problems that Have to Be Met

By Lloyd E. Jackson

Large Portable Water Tanks, The Air-Cooling of 1923 and more

Millions in Food from Federal Free Seed

The Story of 240,000 Acres of Gardens, and $192,000,000 Worth of Vegetables

By George H. Dacy

The New Conservation--I

Up-to-the-Minute Definitions of Waste, and Up-to-the-Minute Procedure for Preventing It

By Ray M. Hudson

Gear-Testing Machines, Keeping Springs Young

America's Busiest Radio Station

The Receiving Center at Riverhead, Long Island, and the Principles on Which It Works

A Novel Method of Pumping Water, Recent Developments in British Pelton Wheel Design

Forgery or Genuine?

Some New Laboratory Methods of the French Handwriting Experts

By Francis P. Mann

Harvesting Sugar-Beet Seed in Sleds, Iron Ore in Europe and more

Fog Signaling by Polarized Sound

A Simple Arrangement for Determining the Exact Direction from Which a Signal Comes

By Anders Bull

Taking Away from a Picture to Get a Larger Picture, The Muscle as a Motor

Blasting a Channel Through a River's Rocky Bottom

How New York Is Meeting the Demand of Big Modern Ships for Harbor Waterways of 40-Ft. Depth

Radio Direction-Finding in Flying Machines

Virgin Wool and Shoddy

What the Microscope Tells Us About Their Make-Up and Identification

By Leon Augustus Hausman

Treasures from Cinders

James Playfair McMurrick, Temperatures in the United States and more

By Marcus Benjamin

The Naturalist's Corner, December 1922

Chemistry Notes

The Market Place for the Small Advertiser


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  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, December 1922

  • Recently Patented Inventions, December 1922

  • Science Notes, December 1922

  • Miscellaneous Notes, December 1922

  • Civil Engineering Notes, December 1922

  • Electrical Notes, December 1922

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, December 1922

  • Radio Notes, December 1922

  • Our Readers' Point of View, December 1922

  • Index To Volume 127, December 1922

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