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With the Editors, January 1923

Motion Pictures in Three Dimensions

Our Psychic Investigation

Its Scope, Conditions and Procedure, as Far as They Can Be Laid Down

By J. Malcolm Bird

Inventor vs. Forger--II

The Present Status of the War Between the Check Raiser and the Check Protector

By Edward H. Smith

Rapid Transit on a Moving Belt

The President's Plea for a Merchant Marine

Fuel by the Ton or the Gallon?

The Principal Advantages and Disadvantages of the Oil-Burning Furnace for Domestic Use

By Harry A. Mount

Two Bridges in One--Chicago's Michigan Avenue Bridge

By William A. Mulcahy

Doing Two Things at Once

Multiple Consciousness, or Reflex Action of Unaccustomed Range?

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Sense of Smell in Birds

An All-Steel Grandstand, Death from snake-Bites and more

Pictures that Talk

Combining Sound Records with Motion Pictures to Obtain Talking Pictures

Panama Canal Tolls

Revenue Loss of 8,000,000 Through Lack of a Proper Statutory Definition of Net Tonnage

By Crede Haskins Calhoun

Research and Spectacles

The Lensometer, for Measuring the True Power of Ophthalmic Lenses

By Charles Sheard

Novel Means of Testing Levers

The Fight to Conquer Old Age

The Rejuvenation Theory and the Results Achieved from it by Steinach

By Jerome Lachenbruch

Apparent Death and Resuscitation

A Discussion of Causes, Symptoms, and Methods of First Aid

By Ismar Ginsberg

Our Aladdin's Lamp

Recent Developments in Vacuum Tubes of Giant Size for Radio and Power Transmission

A Gear With Only One Tooth, Escape from the Garbage Can and more

Leaves from the Archaeologist's Note-Book

What Pick and Shovel Have Revealed of Early Civilizations in Crete and Other Places

Summer Foods in the Winter Time, The Ascent of Sap in Trees

The New Conservation--II

Simplified Practice, and What It Means to Manufacturer and User

By Ray M. Hudson

On the Trail of the Taxi Driver, The Flickerless Projector

By Alfred Gradenwitz and Gilbert I. Stodola

Making the Mississippi Rebuild its Banks

Ingenious Method of Reclaiming Eroded Land by a Mat of Trees

When Alaska Forest Rangers Travel by Motor Boat, The Life-Cycles of Bacteria and more

Airplanes in the Public Consciousness

The Planes-in-the-War Exhibit at the National Museum in Washington

By C. H. Claudy

A New Principle in Plowing and Road Surfacing and Ice Surfacing, Soil Acidity Preferences of Some Eastern Conifers

By E. M. Stevenson

Between Two Worlds

By E. Bade

A Garden Telescope for the Amateur Astronomer, The Pocket Barometer-Altimeter and more

The Story of Gas

The Various Steps that Lie Between the Raw Coal and the Domestic Burner Compiled by the Scientific American from at a furnished by the Smithsonian Institution

A Practical Contact Attachment, New Neon Lamps

Bridge Construction With Floating Steel Centers

Substitution of Movable Hinged Steel Centers for Cumbersome and Costly Wood Centers

Sideways Launching Made Safer and Surer, Centrifugal Car-wheels with Manganese-Steel Rims and more

A Builder's Paradise

Ground that Cuts Like Cheese and Needs No Shoring or Piling

By Leonard Matters

Removing Spots from Leather by Means of Rubber

Tricks of Over-Exposure, New Method for Revising Copper Map Plates

By L. Pyle

Building a Railroad in the Frozen North

Alaska Linked Up with the World by 500 Miles of First-class Railroad

Our Startling Automobile Traffic, Keeping the Gasoline Out of the Crankcase

By Charles Evan Fowler

Radio on the Screen--A Review of the Scientific American Film


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