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With the Editors, February 1923

The Coal Ration

The Census of the Stars

How the Astronomer Takes Count of Their Number, and Identifies Them Individually

By Henry Norris Russell

When We Build Our House

Facts Regarding Kinds and Grades of Lumber Which Should Be Known By the Home Builder

By Samuel J. Record

The Extermination of Insects

The Chemical Go-Between

When Will Automobiles be Perfect?

Airships and Motherships of the Future

Our Psychic Investigation

The "Direct Message," and the Relation Which It May Ultimately Have to Our Work

By J. Malcolm Bird

The New Home of the National Academy of Sciences, Seeing to Taste

By V. M. Whiting

The Heart and the Heartbeat of the Plant

The Work of Distributing Moisture and Sustenance, and the Way in Which it is Done

By E. Bade

Most Powerful Reciprocating Steam Engine Ever Built

An Amphibious Military Tank, The Perpetual Calendar and more

A Turbine Locomotive Which Saves Half the Coal

Doubling New York's Water Supply

Two Additional Lines of 11-Foot Pipe Increase Aqueduct Capacity to 500,000,000 Gallons Per Day

Lightning's Pranks, Assembling an Aerial Survey

Getting Along With the Boll Weevil

Abandoning Hope of Suppressing this Pest, the South Considers the Problem of Its Control

By Harry A. Mount

Musical Broadcasting Experiments

Taking the Menace Out of Dust

Life and Property Saved and Safeguarded by the Use of the Vacuum Cleaner in Industry

By F. C. Allen Jr.

Making Big Photographs of Little Things

By E. Bade

The New Conservation -- III

The Savings of Simplified Practice, and the Universal Benefits Resulting Therefrom

By Ray M. Hudson

Completion of a Notable Concrete Viaduct, Moving a Town by Motor Truck

A Mechanical Solution of a Literary Problem

An Explanation for the Divergent Sequence of Events in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark

By J. F. Springer

Finding Uses for Raw Rubber

Vivisection and Animal Industry

By S. R. Winters

Fishing for Pearls

An Old-Time Industry to Which the Flavor of Romance Still Clings

By Charles Henry Dorr

Railroad Building in the Andes

Two New Transcontinental Lines to Pierce the Rockies of South America

By Leonard Matters

Wearing Red and Green Spectacles to See Stereoscopic "Movies", Testing Kiln Circulation With Chemical Smoke and more

Long-Distance Telephone Problems

Getting More and More Messages Through the Same Number of Wires to Reduce Operating Costs

The World's Largest Vehicular Tunnel

Construction and Method of Ventilation of the Hudson River Tunnel

By J. Bernard Walker

What Life Is

From Paper Model to Concrete Arch

How the One Affords an Accurate Prediction of the Behavior of the Other

By George E. Beggs

A Safer Way of Bleaching Foods

Tungsten at Extreme Temperatures

How Electricity Causes Death

Fighting the Friction Fiend

How Invention Has Taken Advantage of the Peculiarities of the Lubricating Film

By F. Rowlinson

Construction of a Steam-Turbine Wheel

By John K. Cochran

Power From a Whip, Cleansing New York Harbor

Storage Batteries That Are Out of the Ordinary, Radio-Frequency Amplifiers


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, February 1923

  • Inventions New and Interesting, February 1923

  • The Service of the Chemist, February 1923

  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, February 1923

  • The Heavens in February, 1923

  • Recently Patented Inventions, February 1923

  • Science Notes, February 1923

  • Miscellaneous Notes, February 1923

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, February 1923

  • Civil Engineering Notes, February 1923

  • Radio Notes, February 1923

  • Archaeological Notes, February 1923

  • Electrical Notes, February 1923

  • Automobile Notes, February 1923

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