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With the Editors, March 1923

Where the Workman's Wages Go

Digging Back Three Thousand Years

Recent Discoveries that Throw Much New Light Upon Early Egypt

By Albert A. Hopkins

Gasoline Camels

An Endless-Belt Automobile for Crossing the Sandy Wastes of the Sahara

By Francis P. Mann

Six Stages in One

The Remarkable Mechanism of a Current Production Which Permits of Startling Effects

More House for Less Money

Deviating from Building Traditions in the Face of High Building Costs

By Harold Cary

Our Psychic Investigation, March 1923

A Few Words About Apparatus We Shall Use and Ways in Which We Shall Use It

By J. Malcolm Bird

Skimming Fuel Oil from Harbor Surface, Optical Specifications for Glass for Balloon Hangars and more

Emissivity of Roofing Materials

The March of Science for 1922

A Year's Developments, as Brought Out at the Annual Meeting of the American Association

A Steel-Ribbed House for the Deep-Sea Diver, The Mechanical Pitcher

Are Huge Aircraft Carriers Worth While?

By Hector C.

Nicotine in Your Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke

Cleaning Railroad Track With a Power-Driven Sweeper, Root Respiration and more

The Mysteries of the Modern Organ

The Things the Organist Has to Do, and the Ways He Has to Do Them

By R. P. Crawford

When Electricity Magnifies the Speaker's Voice

Highway Traffic Despatching

How the Functions of the Train Despatcher May Be Applied to the Motor Truck

By John Lathrop

The Ostwald Color Atlas

Microbes and Weather

Our Smallest Toilers

How Modern Medicine and Modern Industry Are Putting Bacteria to Work

By Harry A. Mount

Mind as the Coping-Stone, Architectural Acoustics

Water to Drink

Making the Mississippi River's Fluid Fit for Human Consumption

By Oliver S. Arata

Shadow-Testing of Gear Teeth, The Radio Typewriter for Airplanes

By Allen P. Child and George H. Dacy

New Foods for Old

Modern Needs and Modern Enterprise vs. the Natural Inertia of Our Appetites

By George Illington

Ventilating a Vehicular Tunnel

Pittsburgh's Liberty Tube, and Its Bearing Upon the Hudson River Bore

By Charles Frederick Carter

The Biggest Shovel, Electric Conductivity and Bio-Physical Energy

Spectrophotoelectrical Sensitivity of Bournonite and Pyrargyrite

From Horse-Driven Ferry to Steel Bridge

The Story of the Development of the Rondout Creek Crossing

From Battleship to Floating Crane, Night Lights without Insects and more

New Method of Salvage by Compressed Air

A Submarine Tractor Makes Possible Lifting of Ships from Unprecedented Depths

Canned Music

Processing the Phonograph Record from the Wax Blank to the Finished Product

How Iron Rust Grows, Problems Relating to Saggars and more

By A. Gradenwitz

When We Paint Our House

Some Observations About the Paint We Shall Use and What Goes Into It

By Ismar Ginsburg

Digging from Below, Up

A Dam-Construction Problem Involving a Deep and Narrow Trench in Treacherous Ground

By J. F. Springer

Measuring the Tractor's Performance, Moving a Church of 3200 Tons

Where the Compass Fails to Guide, Measuring Water Flow With a Camera

By N. H. Heck


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, March 1923

  • Inventions New and Interesting, March 1923

  • The Service of the Chemist, March 1923

  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, March 1923

  • The Heavens in March, 1923

  • Recently Patented Inventions, March 1923

  • Science Notes, March 1923

  • Electrical Notes, March 1923

  • Civil Engineering Notes, March 1923

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, March 1923

  • Miscellaneous Notes, March 1923

  • Radio Notes, March 1923

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