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With the Editors, June 1923

Hudson's Bay, the "Neglected Sea"

By John T. Rowland

Your Automobile and the Thief

Another Phase of the Constant Battle Waged Between the Lawful Owner and the Skillful Criminal

By Edward H. Smith


Where the valuable Metal From and Uses to Which it is put

By Guy E. Mitchell

Alcohol and the Bootlegger

Various Kinds of Alcohol and How Grain Alcohol Is Denatured to Foil the Would-Be Law-Breaker

By Ismar Ginsberg

Electrical Statistics at a Glance

Tearing Down to Build Again

How the House-Wrecker Squeezes the Last Dollar of Value Out of the Buildings That He Handles

By A. G. Ingalls

The Oscilloscope

A Remarkably Simple Device for Seeing What Cannot Be Seen

An Electric Speedometer

Curious Feat of House Moving, Transmission of Standard Radio Wave Length Signals and more

Our Psychic Investigation in Europe--II

A Sitting with William Hope, Psychic Photographer, and a Discussion of Its Result

By J. Malcolm Bird

Stretching the Gasoline Supply, Gasoline and Alcohol as Fuels of the Future and more

Master Builders Called Insects

Works of Home-Building- Insects and the Part Played by Their Raw Material Called Sericin

By S. F. Aaron

Pilgrims in Make-Believe Land


The Process by Which Nurserymen and Fruit Growers Produce Our Best Fruits

By E. Bade

Combining High Voltage with Compactness in Storage Battery Construction, Using Wood Waste to Halt Decay and more

Speeding Up Track Work

Labor-Saving Devices that Eliminate the Drudgery Which Has Heretofore Been Considered Inherent to Railroading

By Milfeurn Moore

Timing an Ice Sheet, Taking the if Out of construction

The All-Devouring Marine Borer

A Sea-Coast Fight Between Man and Nature, That Has No End

Cheaper and Better Houses, Electron Tube Detector Unit for Radio Reception

Peaceful Conquest

How Germany Is Reclaiming Marshlands for Power and Produce

By Alber Neuberger

Gothenburg Jubilee Exposition, The Meaning of Grade A, Grade B or Grade C with Reference to Milk and more

Getting Our Money's Worth in Fertilizer

Simple Facts About the Intricacies of the Fertilizer Problem as Viewed from Many Angles

By Harry A. Mount

A Home-Made Distributor for Fertilizer, Planting an Acre and a Half an Hour

Landscapes With a Jigsaw

Making a Replica of Yosemite National Park by Stacking Up Contour Boards

By O. Van Wyck

A Precise Torch Cutting Machine, Publications on Building and Housing and more

A Record Job of Pile Driving

Sinking Piles, 250 Feet Long, to Carry l0,000 Ton Ventilating Shafts of Hudson Tunnel

Writing for the Microscopic Eye

How Spy Messages are Engraved on the Head of a Shoenail

By Alfred McEwen F.R.M.S.

Erecting an Arch Bridge by Means of the Suspension Bridge Which it Supplants, Cocaine and Cocoa and more

The Aerial Lighthouse, Growth of World's Merchant Shipping and more


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    Our Point of View, June 1923

  • Inventions New and Interesting, June 1923

  • The Service of the Chemist, June 1923

  • The Heavens in June, 1923

  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, June 1923

  • Recently Patented Inventions, June 1923

  • Correspondence, June 1923

  • Miscellaneous Notes, June 1923

  • Exploration Notes, June 1923

  • Civil Engineering Notes, June 1923

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, June 1923

  • Electrical Notes, June 1923

  • Science Notes, June 1923

  • Radio Notes, June 1923

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