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With the Editors, July 1923

Ocean Travel by Combined Steamship and Airplane

Trapping the Burglar

Clever Devices Put Forward by Inventive Genius for Catching the Prowler at His Work

By Edward H. Smith

Building the World's Largest Monolith

A Word Regarding the Far-Reaching Significance of Wilson Dam to Navigation and Industry

By Littell McClung

World Metric Standardization, Ro and more

Uncle Sam's Agricultural Proving Grounds

The Federal Farms Where Problems of Vital Import to American Agriculture Are Investigated

By Ralph Howard

Our First Test Seances

The Report of the Sub-Committee and Some Details of the Sittings

By J. Malcolm Bird

Three Notable Locomotives Which Mark the Trend of Railroading

Are Most Animals Color Blind?

Acrobatic Coal Barges

By S. W. Clatworthy

Our Psychic Investigation in Europe--III

Some Details of a Very Noisy Evening with a Private Psychic Circle in London

By J. Malcolm Bird

Mathematically Perfect Balls of Lead Called Shot

Where Corn is King

Why Our Agricultural Prosperity Depends Largely on Our Annual Hundred Million Acres of Corn

By George H. Dacy

The Fourth Dimension, A New Vitamin Bread and more

Intensity and Duration of Fire

When a Bridge Tells its Troubles

A New and Ingenious Device for Measuring the Effect of Traffic on Bridges

A New Gasoline-Electric Freight Train, Another Cotton Picker and more

Elevation and Range of British Naval Guns

Main Armament of Capital Ships Remains Today as Originally Designed and Constructed

By Hector C.

Obelisk-Raising Explained: How the Ancient Egyptian Engineers Employed a Sloping Ramp and a Sand-Pit

Industry in the Philippines

The Golden Opportunity Which this Dependency Presents to American Capital

By Vicente Villamin

Fighting the Mosquito

How Minnows, Oil, and Drainage are Freeing Florida of a Leading Enemy of Immigration

By D. H. George

Marine Wood Borers at Work, Shop-Made Lawns by the Yard and more

Underpinning the Washington Monument

Enlarging the Foundations to Carry the Five Hundred and Fifty-Foot Shaft

A Canal that Grows Crops in a Barren Country, Harnessing the California River and more

Draining Land With Gasoline

How the Scarcity of Labor has Brought About the Use of Machinery for Marshland Ditching

By S. R. Winters

Concrete in Surprising Places, Poisoning by Illuminating Gas

Solving the Street Traffic Problem

Speeding Up Traffic by Separating the Through and the Local Traffic

Digging in Sacred Soil

Research With the Spade in Palestine Since the War

Sawing Stones With Man-Made Stones

How Abrasives are Employed in Cutting and Shaping Marble and Granite for Building Purposes

By J. F. Springer

The Physical Basis of Life, Pure Ozone and more

The Airplane-Carrier "Langley"


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    Our Point of View, July 1923

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  • The Heavens in July, 1923

  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, July 1923

  • Recently Patented Inventions, July 1923

  • Our Readers' Point of View, July 1923

  • Science Notes, July 1923

  • Electrical Notes, July 1923

  • Mechanical Engineering Notes, July 1923

  • Civil Engineering Notes, July 1923

  • Miscellaneous Notes, July 1923

  • Radio Notes, July 1923

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