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The Inventor and the Gay Gambler

Ingenuity Ranging from Marked Cards to Crooked Roulette Wheels for Separating the Fool and His Money

By Edward H. Smith

Camps of the Central Circle

Recognition Given the Automobile Tourist by Mid-Western Municipalities

By Avis Gordon Vestal

"A Small Private Laboratory"

Some General Impressions Gathered During a Visit to the Riverbank Laboratories

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Where Sound Waves are Put the Wallace Clement Sabine Laboratory of Acoustics at Riverbank

Sprayed Rubber

A New Hopkinson Process of Making Rubber which May Revolutionize the Rubber Industry

By A. G. Ingalls

Sea-Going Ships for the State Barge Canal

Special Type of Barge Designed for Combined Lake, Canal, and Ocean Traffic

Bringing Order Out of Chaos

The Emergency Job of Reconstruction after Philadelphia's Station Fire

By William A. McGarry

Converting the Lump of Coal into Electric Power and Light : New York's Hell Gate Station, Representing the Last Word in Generating Practice

High-Altitude Mountaineering

Sixteen-to-One Automobile Testing

Extraordinary Assembly of Apparatus for Making Many Tests on a Single Run of a Motor Car

By S. R. Winters

The Trial Trip of the "Leviathan"

A Five-Day Test of the Motive Power, Equipment and Operating Staff

Dynamiting Bedrock Over a Subway Tunnel in New York Harbor

Psychic Adventures at Home

The American Supplement to My European Expedition: A Sitting with Ada Besinnet

By J. Malcolm Bird

Some Milestones in the Development of the Modern Typewriter

Keeping the Ash in Motion

Continuous Mechanical Discharge of the Unburned Residue, and Its Role in Boiler Efficiency

By David C. Spencer

Ventilating an Existing Tunnel, The Use of Paper in Gardening

More Water for Washington

The Great New Conduit that Will Double the Capital City's Supply

By George H. Dacy

Protecting a Beach From Erosion by Ice, Liquid Oxygen as an Explosive

The Army Ants of British Guiana

Jungle Insects that Have Learned the Importance of Force of Numbers and Discipline

By Paul Griswold Howes

The Wind-Power Automobile

What Happens When the Tire Hits the Road

Studying the Impacts from Pot-Holes and Obstructions, with Different Types of Tires

The Senses of Insects

The Heating Value of Gas, A Novel Instrument for Navigators

Safeguarding the Miner

Safety-First Cooperation of the Bureau of Mines, the Operators and the Miners

A Diminutive Electric Tractor, Industrial Use of Powdered Coal

The Maple Sugar Industry

The Tree that Made Vermont Famous, and How its Delectable Juice is Harvested

By C. O. Ormsbee

Whole Wheat Bread Without Flour, Measuring the Drying-Time of Varnish

Precision X-Ray Apparatus

New Means of Rectification and Voltmetering that Take the Guess-Work Out of Roentgenology

Adrenalin, the Drug of the Hour, The Life History of a Star

Stretching the Harvest Through the Winter

A Graphical Survey of a Year's Out put of America's Canning Industry

A Trade that is Passing, Copper Qualities

Our Reserves of Energy

The Heat and Power of the Future, Seen from the Brighter Side

By Leo G. Hall

An Automatic Exposure-Meter, Doing Away with Dots and Dashes

By Alfred Gradenwitz and S. R. Winters

Relics of the 1840's

An Interesting Chapter from the Early History of the Telegraph

By A. A. Hopkins

Something About Calories

A Flexible Clutch for Marine Diesel Engines, Friendly Germs

Making Wrought Iron a New Way

A Mechanically-Operated Puddling Furnace which Does Away with Much Manual Labor

By Albert Sauveur

The Cathode-Ray Oscillograph

Measuring Electric or Magnetic Forces by Their Effect Upon a Stream of Electrons

By J. B. Johnson

Botanical Notes, September 1923


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  • The Service of the Chemist, September 1923

  • The Heavens in September, 1923

  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, September 1923

  • Recently Patented Inventions, September 1923

  • Electrical Notes, September 1923

  • Miscellaneous Notes, September 1923

  • Science Notes, September 1923

  • Patents and Trade-Marks, September 1923

  • Radio Notes, September 1923

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