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With the Editors, November 1923

The Drama of Disputed Documents

Some of the Tests by Which the Expert Reveals the Forgery for What It Is

By Edward H. Smith

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

The Mechanics of These Titanic Subterranean Forces and Their Destructive Careers

By Edgar W. Woolard

Our Abrams Investigation-II

A Test to Determine the Accuracy of the Electronic Reactions Diagnosis

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Within the Atom

At the Very Foundation of Matter with the Electrons and Protons

By Sir Oliver Lodge

The Father of Our Modern Navy

How Roosevelt Pulled the Navy Out of the Rut and Gave It a Fighting Edge

By Wm. S. Sims

Has Sea Power Passed?

An Authoritative Expos of the Extravagant Claims of the Air Enthusiasts

By Albert Gleaves

New Lift Bridges on the Jersey Central Railroad Across Newark Bay

Materialized Hands

The Franek Kluski Wax Molds, and the Conclusions that May be Drawn from Them

By Gustave Geley

The Animal Hospital

Surgical Treatment for Horses, Cows, Mules, Dogs, Cats, Goats, Canary Birds and So On

By William A. McGarry

Squeezing Softwood to Make It Hardwood, Angelique--A Wood that Resists the Attack of the Teredo

Why Headlight Glare?

How Uncle Sam Tested the Headlights on 400 Ordinary Motor Cars and What He Found

By George H. Dacy

A Fool-Proof Recharger for Storage Batteries, Electric Heat for the Type-Metal Pot

Righting a Capsized Ship

Successful Righting and Setting Afloat of the Brazilian Steamship Avare in Hamburg Harbor

By M. Probst

Something Different in Belt Conveyors, Directive Radio Transmission on a Wave Length of 10 Meters and more

Improving Irish Linen, When Our Teeth are Out of Gear and more

A Versatile Motorcraft

With the Men Who Fly--II

How the Glider Flights of German Students Have Brought About a New Era in Aeronautics

By Alexander Klemin

A Delicate Balance, Villa's Buried Treasure

Saving a Cathedral by Compressed Air

Restoring Lincoln Cathedral by the Compressed Air Drill and Grouting

A Photographic Museum

Automobiles and Near-Automobiles, Forests and Fertility and more

Ball Bearings and how they are Made

The Tiny but Perfect Spheres that Keep Down the Friction Toll in Modern Machinery

By Robert G. Skerrett

Keeping Our Water Fit to Drink

Microscopic Denizens of Our Reservoirs, and the Means Used to Keep Them Under Control

By Frank E. Hale

A Midget Wind Tunnel that Works Like a Giant, A 29-Ton Portable Riveter and more

Shifting Speeds with an Oil Pump

Some Details of a New British Variable-Speed Gear Without Gear-Wheels

By P. J. Risdon

Clever Contrivances of the Garage Man, A Circular Slide-Rule

Fish as Food and Fertilizer

How the Annual Catch of Over Two and One Half Billion Pounds Is Disposed of as Fresh and Frozen Food, and Fertilizer for the Farms

Feeding the Automobile Engine

Purdue University Investigation of the Proper Treatment of Mixture that Goes to Carburetor


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    Our Point of View, November 1923

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  • Recently Patented Inventions, November 1923

  • The Scientific American Digest

  • Miscellaneous, November 1923

  • The Service of the Chemist, November 1923

  • Radio Notes, November 1923

  • Electrical Notes, November 1923

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