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With the Editors, December 1923

A Wheelless Motor-Car

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Charles Proteus Steinmetz

With Fire and Fraud

Something About the Acquisitive Gentleman Who Burns Buildings for Profit

By Edward H. Smith

The Fuel of the Future

The Advantages of the Universal Burning of Gas, and the Obstacles in the Way of Its Attainment

By Ismar Ginsberg

Three Wheels Versus Four

The Direction in Which the Development of the Economy Car is Pointed

By R. M. Sanders

Gelatine to Eat and Gelatine for Glue, Trackless Trolley Details and more

Another Mediumistic Failure

Our Committee Sees "Independent Writing" Produced by Substitution of Cards

By J. Malcolm Bird

Our Abrams Investigation--III

Comments on Our First Test and a Look Ahead to Other Tests and Studies

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Copenhagen-Bornholm Wireless Telephone Service

The Last Harbor of Forgotten Ships

Where Old-Time Clipper and Modern Submarine Chaser Meet for the Attention of the Salvager

Some Great Dredges

Monster Grab-Buckets that are Able to take Fifty Tons of Mud and Rock at a Single Bite

By J. F. Springer

The Lifting Lock

Driving the Bomber to High Altitudes

Latest Guns Make the Air Deadly at 20,000 Feet, and Dangerous at 30,000 Feet

All Fixed for a Hard Winter, for the Hand Screw Machine and more

Making Sport a Science

Devices and Tests Which Determine the Individual Fitness of Candidates

By Alfred Gradenwitz

A Milling-Machine Dynamometer, Trees and Climate

Edison's First Incandescent Light

The Carlsbad Cave

Recently Explored Cave in New Mexico Which Rivals, If Not Excels, Mammoth Cave of Kentucky

By F. Le Roi Thurmond

Tested for a Million Volts, A Gasoline Rail-Car of Power and Stability and more

The "Horse-Hair Snake"

An Account of the Extraordinary Life History of One of Our Common Worms

By Leon Augustus Hausman

Where Bridges are Built in the Dead of Winter, The Largest Swimming Pool for Ten Thousand Swimmers and more

The Science of Distribution

An Authoritative Survey of the Devious Channels that Lead from Producer to Consumer

Recording Alternating Current Wave Forms, Amateur Photomicrography by Means of a Microscope and Hand Camera and more

Colorado's Six-Mile Tunnel Under the Rockies

The Long-Deferred Realization of the Plans for an Air-Line Route from Denver to Salt Lake City

By Theodore Merrill Fisher

Charles Doolittle Walcott, Physiological Effects of High Temperatures

By Marcus Benjamin

The Air We Breathe

New Types of Apparatus for Measuring the Suspended Dust in the Atmosphere

By John B. C. Kershaw

Mycenae, the City of Agamemnon, as Brought to Light by the Archaeologists

Metering Water by the Wholesale, Pulling Down a Church Steeple With a Motor Winch and more

The World's Largest Subaqueous Tunnel

Building a $60,000,000 Freight the Narrows, and Passenger Tunnel Beneath New York

A Permanent $500,000 Fund for Scientific Research, The Earth's Electric and Magnetic Fields


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    Our Point of View, December 1923

  • The Heavens in December, 1923

  • Inventions New and Interesting, December 1923

  • The Motor-Driven Commercial Vehicle, December 1923

  • Recently Patented Inventions, December 1923

  • The Scientific American Digest, December 1923

  • The Service of the Chemist, December 1923

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