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With the Editors, January 1924

The Story of Steel-I

Amazing Growth of the United States Steel Industry in the Past Two Decades

Cars of 1924

Some of the More Interesting Features Revealed in the New Models

By Victor W. Pag

The Economic Position of Motor Transport

Motor-Vehicle Economy and Mobility as Realized in the Truck and the Bus

Driving the Motor Car with a Pendulum: The Latest Surprise of the Ingenious Inventor Constantinesco of Wave-Power Fame

By S. W. Clatworthy

Our Abrams Investigation--IV

Odds and Ends Gathered from an Avalanche of Correspondence and Several Interviews

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Traffic and the Law

The Unnecessary Divergence Between the Motor Codes and Customs of the Several States

By Scientific American Staff

Psychic Adventures at Home

An Episode that Started as Formal Investigation, Lapsing into Adventure and Actual Comedy

By J. Malcolm Bird

The Future of the Air-Cooled Car

Engineering and Operating Facts that Call for Its Most Serious Consideration

By Victor W. Pag

Floating the Car on Oil

Little Known Facts About Automobile Lubrication and What It Means in Terms of Wear and Tear

Balloon Tires and What They Mean

Remarkable Results Obtained by Increasing the Size of Tires and Reducing the Air Pressure

With the Men Who Fly--III

Our Recent Achievements, the Pulitzer Race, Night Mail, the ZR-l, and Commercial Possibilities

By Alexander Klemin

Solving Rapid Transit Congestion by the Moving Platform, Gassing Peach Borers

Life on Board U.S.S. "Colorado"

Changes in Naval Sea Service from 1856 to 1923

By R. R. Belknap

A Five-Hundred-Year-Old Roof

Preserving for Posterity a Noble Specimen of Medieval Carpentry

A New Technique of Anesthesia, Haze and Mist

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Electrifying Chile's Railways

When Abundant Water Power Takes the Place of Expensive Imported Coal

By Lloyd Jacquet

Science and Blankets, Steel Wheels for Twentieth-Century Railroads and more

Last Words of Science

Ingenious Devices at the Recent Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science

By John B. C. Kershaw

Gasoline Cars and Trucks of 1924


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