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Keeping Open Our Harbor Channels

Necessity Mothers the Fisherman

Taking the Smell and the Sails Out of His Daily Routine

By James H. Collins

Arctic Exploration by Aircraft

Shenandoah to Reveal the Secrets of the Uncharted Polar Seas By a Member of the Board on Arctic Exploration

Gun Catastrophes

Some of the Reasons Why Small Arms Open Up at Points Where They Were Not Intended to Open

By Edward C. Crossman

Here and There

A Wild Night on the "Shenandoah"

Blown from Her Mooring-Mast, the Ship Weathers the Storm and Is Brought Back to Port

Our Abrams Investigation--VI

A Study of the Late Dr. Albert Abrams of San Francisco and His Work

By Austin C. Lescarboura

"Thirty Years of Psychic Research"

Richet's Monumental Compilation, and Schrenck Notzing's Story of His Work with Eva

By J. Malcolm Bird

Elasticity and High Speeds

When Beavers Aid Irrigation

Emergency Use of the Water Impounded by the Industrious Animals

By Ivan E. Houk

The Story of Steel--III

The Ore Ship of the Great Lakes; the Link Between the Iron Mines and the Smelting Furnaces

A Hydroelectric Giant

Does Land Lie Near the Pole?

When a Second Seems an Age

Filming Rapidly Moving Objects by Means of the Heape and Gryll Rapid Cinema Machine

By P. J Risdon

New Ways to Use Slate, Molybdenum and its Applications

More Steam-Engine Power Without Steam

Replacing Water and Steam with a Mysterious Liquid and Its Power-Producing Vapor

By Ismar Ginsberg

Making the Photoplay Unreal

How Science And Art Have Produced A Screen Fantasy

Relativity and Modern Physics

The Gelatine You Eat

How the Pure Food Laws Restrict the Raw Materials of which It Is Made

By A. G. Ingalls

The Continuous-Motion Clock that does not Tick, To Measure the Stopping Power of Automobile Brakes

The Problem of Mine Fires

Civilization and the Microbe

Uncle Sam's Daily Market Basket

Its Contents, In Dollars And Cents And In More Edible Terms

Harnessing Arkansas Water-Power

How the Ozark State Plans to Develop the Facilities for Milling its Own Cotton

By R. E. Livingston

The Size of Stars, Novel Gadget for the House-Painter and more

Moving Houses One-Third of a Mile on Narrow-Gage Tracks, The "Chemical" Sense, and more

The Engine as a Brake

What Happens When We Roll Down-Hill with Gears in Mesh and ignition Off

Uncommon Views of Common Insects

Laying the Ghost of a War-Time Trouble

The Present Status of Our Potash Industry, and the Outlook for Ultimate Independence

By Guy E. Mitchell


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  • Science Notes, March 1924

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