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With the Editors, April 1924

The Mooring Mast is the Thing

By J. Bernard Walker

Flying Around the World

The Route Laid Down for the American Fliers Who Will Attempt Circumnavigation

By Lieut. Corley P. McDarment

Teapot Dome

Some Physical Facts in the Naval Oil Reserve Problem

Running the Rapids of the Grand Canyon

An Exceptionally Hazardous Piece of Surveying and Mapping by Uncle Sam's Topographers

By Guy E. Mitchell

A Theater Without a Stage

The Whole Building Given Over to the Play with the Audience Part of the Scenery

By Albert A. Hopkins

Here and There, April 1924

Untangling Our Automobile Laws

Vehicle Commissioners of Ten Eastern States Are Marking Together Toward Uniformity

By Scientific American Staff

A Static or Dynamic Atom?

Houses of Mud

Old-Age Pisé Construction as an Answer to the High Cost of Building Materials and Labor

By Juanita W. Porter

The Story of Steel--IV

The Huge Blast Furnace, in Which a Fierce, White-Hot Fire Reduces Iron Ore to Pig Iron

Water from Gasoline in Airships

Our Psychic Investigation

A Summary of Results to Date, and a Plea for Better Mediumistic Cooperation

By J. Malcolm Bird

A Telescope of Record Dimensions, Shrouding the Propeller and more

By Our Berlin Correspondent

Largest and Fastest of the Zeppelins

New German-Built Airship for the Navy, Soon to Set Sail for the United States

The Food of Corals, Filter-Passers: Living Beings Smaller Than Bacteria

Our Abrams Investigation—Strange Adventures and Strange People

Queer Adventures and Queer People Met in Our Quest of the E. R. A. Truth

By Austin C. Lescarboura

From Log to Paper: A Brief Visit to a Great Newsprint Mill in Canada

Ball Lightning

Saving Dollars by Salving Scrap

How the Multitudinous Wastes of a Great Railroad Are Converted Into Cash Values

By Charles W. Geiger

Shipping Milk in Carload Lots, Log Rafts in the Open Ocean and more

How Gold Leaf Is Made

Little Fishes and Big Oil Pools

Machines and Methods Used in the Manufacture of the Fabric Tire

Flowers That Dislike Music

The Next Great Flood--Where?

How the Study of Probabilities Aids Our Engineers in Fighting an Age-Old Menace

By Harry A. Mount

Does Steel Melt from the Inside?, Storing Gasoline Under Pressure and more

Checkmating the Moth

New Investigations of the Life Cycle of this Insect and the Possibility of Preventing its Ravages

By Albert Neuburger

Water-Jet Propulsion, Old Egyptian Water-Clocks and more

Man-Made Lumber

Revising the Structural Arrangements of Saw-Mill Waste to Make Possible Its Utilization

By Howard F. Weiss

Machine-Gunning Auto Bandits, Certain Gear-Shifting With a Foot-Loose Gear-Box and more

Bombing the Battleship

Smoke Screens and Phosphorous Bombs Enable the Airman to Make Close-Up Attacks

Inventions New and Interesting, April 1924

A Department Devoted to Pioneer Work in the Various Arts and to Patent News

Sulfur and Its Many Uses

The Wandering Rifle Bullet


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    Our Point of View, April 1924

  • The Heavens in April, 1924

  • Recently Patented Inventions, April 1924

  • The Scientific American Digest, April 1924

  • Service of the Chemist, April 1924

  • Radio Notes, April 1924

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