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With the Editors, May 1924

"This is Station"

Putting Radio Programs On the Air and Taking Them Out of the Air

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Experimental Telepathy

Tests by Dr. Carl Bruck, M.D., Berlin, on the Transmission of Drawings

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Putting the Atom to Work

The Attempt to Isolate its Energy, and to Find How it May be Released for Human Use

By Oliver Lodge

Here and There, May 1924

The Story of Steel-V

Bessemer Converter, Where Air Performs the Major Process in Steel Making

When, Where, Why?

How Connecticut Gathers the Data of Her Automobile Accidents, and the Use She Makes Thereof

By The Scientific American Staff

Our Abrams Investigation-VIII

The Report of a Test on Localization of Abscessed Teeth Through Handwriting

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Does Paint Preserve Wood?

A Conflict Between Theory and Practice, and How It Is Explained Away

By H. D. Tiemann

A New Trade, the Straightener?

Exploring Within the Steel

How Magnetic Analysis Indicates the Presence of Flaws in Rails and Beams and Hoisting Cables

By A. G. Ingalls

The Grocery on Wheels

A Self-Service, Motorized Store that Effects Great Economies for Dealer and Customer

Washington Memorial Bridge at Wilmington, Human Behavior and Reflexes and more

Post-Treaty Standing of the World's Navies

The Urgent Need for Additional Unarmored Craft to Round Out the U. S. Navy

Our Latest Battleship--The "Colorado"

Insular Irrigation

Hawaii Finds It Necessary to Control Her Water Supply

By Arthur L. Dahl

The Sense of Time

Translating Stresses Into Color for Visual Observation, Vision and Man's Mental Powers and more

Making High-Tension Cables

From Old Rope and Oil Waste to Leak-Proof Conductors of Current

By Francis A. Westbrook

Ammonia from the Air

For Faster Seeing

Tests that Show How Better Lighting Makes Us See Faster as Well as Better

By M. Luckiesh

Speeding Up the Water Turbine, A Movie Mayfiower of Steel and Ore

By C. A. Oldroyd

Animal Animosities

Fact and Fancy Regarding the Deadly Hatreds of Wild Species

By S. F. Aaron

Rotary Car-Dumping on a Giant Scale, Determining the Fire Hazards in a Forest and more

A Scheme to Salvage Lost Ideas, Saving Pulley-Power with Cardboard Discs

The Lore of the Archaeologist

From the Star Maps of an Egyptian Tomb to Chinese Statuettes

Truffles and Truffle Hunters

Some Details About One of Europe's Lesser Known Crops and Its Harvesting

By William Alphonso Murrill


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