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With the Editors, July 1924

A New Miracle Mineral

Our Recently Acquired Ability to Fuse Quartz in Quantity, and What This Means to Industry and Science

Cross-Examining the Automobile

What Organized Research Work Is Doing for the Present and Future Automotive Industry

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Volcanoes--Or Cosmic Shell-Holes?

A Discussion of the Origin of the Craters on the Moon, and of Other Features of Her Surface

By Daniel Moreau Barringer

Here and There, July 1924

With the "Limited"

Some Startling Facts and Figures Regarding Our Fastest and Farthest-Traveled Trains

By Charles W. Stokes

The Problem of the Obelisk

Our Abrams Investigation--X

Two More Blood Specimen Tests and a New Offer of Co-operation From the Electronists

By Austin C. Lescarboura

A Still Larger Power Plant

Camping and Sporting Novelties

Repairing the "Shenandoah"

Replacing the Nose Cap and Rebuilding the Stabilizing Fin Restore the Naval Dirigible

Is Tire Retreading a Failure, Packing Paste in Tubes and more

Crop Reporting by Airplane

More Accurate and More Timely Crop Statistics by Means of the Aerial Camera and the Planimeter

By O. M. Kile

Australian Power Projects, Fighting Senility

King Tut-Ankh-Amen's Treasure

Interesting Details of the Work of the Archaeologist as Disclosed in the Carter-Mace Book Just Published

By Harry Burton

A Novel Irrigation Sprayer, The Railroad Track Highway and more

More Heat From the Pound of Coal

Adapting the Carbureter and Bunsen Burner Principles of Air Control to the Furnace

By Walter S. Timmis

Vegetables for the Flower Garden

Our Next Psychic

A Preliminary Account of the Case that Now Comes Before Us, as It Appears to the Naked Eye

By J. Malcolm Bird

Effect of Manganese on Plant Growth

Wichita Dam

Completion of Another Big Western Irrigation Project

Diesel-Driven Stern-Wheel Boat, Local Immunity in Infectious Diseases

The Great Lakes--St. Lawrence Deep-Sea Route

Huge Navigational and Hydro-Electric Plan Recommended by the International Joint Commission

Bringing Color Photography Down to the Layman, Social Significance of the Army Intelligence Tests

A British Bureau of Standards, Applying the Yardstick to Radio Waves

John Bull's Parallel to Uncle Sam's Most Famous Technical Establishment

The Earliest Engineers

How the Spider Applies Correct Principles of Cable Construction in the Fabrication of Her Web

By S. F. Aaron

What Happens in the Lime Cycle, What Happens When Leather is Tanned and more

Self-Igniting Water Lights, Some Forces in Social Evolution


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