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On the Road

Suggestions for Lightening the Motor Tourist's Contact With the Traffic Problem and Other Puzzles

By J. Malcolm Bird

The British Empire Exhibition

Wonders of the Comprehensive Exhibition Now Being Held at Wembley Park, London

By J. B. C. Kershaw

Long-Range Weather Forecasting

Predicting Weather by the Year in Place of by the Day.

By Herbert Janvrin Browne

Portraits of Columbus

Here and There, August 1924

Growing Our Own Bananas

How Florida Is Establishing a New Crop in Competition with More Tropical Lands

By James H. Collins

Telephoning Our Press Photographs

Ingenious and Practical System of Image Transmission Worked Out by Bell System Engineers

The "Margery" Mediumship--I

Describing Our First Test Sittings, and Explaining Our Program for the Immediate Future

By J. Malcolm Bird

The "Margery" Mediumship--I

Describing Our First Test Sittings, and Explaining Our Program for the Immediate Future

By J. Malcolm Bird

Making a Monument Out of a Mountain

Stone Mountain Memorial--Greatest Work of Sculpture in History

A Car for Examining Tunnels, Handling Lumber in a Hurry and more

Motion Pictures of Atoms

The British-American Cup Contest

An International Trophy Which Promises to Rival: the America's Cup in Interest

The Oil-Electric Locomotive, The Kinetic Atom and more

A Landing-Field that Goes to Sea

Modern Medicine and the Tropics

Our Abrams Investigation --XI

The Treatment End of E. R. A. and a Study of Testimonials and the Oscilloclast

By Austin C. Lescarboura

Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge, The Utilization of Volcanic Steam in Italy and more

The Story of Steel--VII

Making the 40 Million Tons of Coke Needed Annually in Our Blast Furnaces

The Assault on Mount Everest

General Bruce Concludes His Account of the 27,000-Foot Climb of 1922

The Culture of Tissues Outside the Body

A Super-Industrious Brick-Making Machine, Making Castings-Without Sand

Volcanoes or Cosmic Shell-Holes?--II

A Critical Comparison of the Moon Craters with Experimental Splashes

By Daniel Moreau Barringer

Dummy Airplanes as an Aid to Aeronautical Designing, A Library of Sand and more

Coal Piles that Light Themselves

Facts and Fallacies Regarding the Spontaneous Ignition of Stored Bituminous

By J. F. Springer

From Cocoa and Sugar to Bon Bons: Candy in the Making

The Wars of Ants

Reasons Why and Ways in Which These Social Insects Battle

By S. F. Aaron

Taking the Period Out of the Automobile Engine, Putting the Tire Inside the Wheel

New Uses for Rubber Milk

By Ismar Ginsberg

Spores in the Upper Air

What Happens to the Engine Oil?

By Robt. W. A Brewer

The Transatlantic Voyage of "ZR-III"

How She Will Evade the Tornadoes and Storms of the Western Ocean

A Neglected Well of Information

The Unrealized Possibilities of the United States Patent Office Files

By Karl Fenning

Our Radio Page, August 1924

Listening-In on the Latest Progress of the Radio Broadcasting Art

The Sugars--What are They?, Textile Fibers--How to Tell them Apart and more

Atmospheric Heat as a Source of Power

A Suggestion of a Means by Which This Reservoir Might Ultimately be Tapped

By Haviland Hull Platt

Muscular Action in Work and Play

Some of the Factors Involved in the Simplest Series of Bodily Movements

By Guy Otis Brewster


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  • Radio Notes, August 1924

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