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With the Editors, September 1924

Super-Streets and Subways Tentative Details of a Traffic Plan Recommended for New York City

The West Point Military Academy

Our Democratic School of Arms, Whose Motto Is Duty, Honor, Country

Tabbing the Speeding Bullet

How Powder Pressures and Velocities of Flight Are Measured

By Edward C. Crossman

The Spellbinding Kilowatt

Microphones, Amplifiers and Loud-Speakers which Enable the Human Voice to Reach Vast Multitudes

Serving 2200 Dinners at One Time The Role of Electrically-Driven Conveyors in the Modern Banquet Hall

Here and There, September 1924

Our Abrams Verdict

The Electronic Reactions of Abrams and Electronic Medicine in General Found Utterly Worthless

By Austin C. Lescarboura

How London is Putting its Mail-Carrying Facilities Underground, Out of the Way of Traffic, in Automatically Operated Subways

Pulp and Paper

What They Are, How They Are Made, and Some of Their Uses

By Ismar Ginsberg

Re-Broadcasting the Broadcast Program

Short-Wave Radio Telephone Transmission and What It Means by Way of Better Programs

By W. J. Purcell

Acoustics and Plaster, A New Principle in Concrete Work

What the Other Half Eats

Some Interesting Exhibits from the Foreign Food Stores of a Big American City

By L. Lodian

Face to Face with Vitamin D, Meteorites

The British Empire Exhibition--II

The Colonial Buildings and Exhibits for India, Australia, Canada and New Zealand

By J. B. C. Kershaw

From Raw Cotton and Silver Bullion to Your Snapshot Photographic Film in the Making

Speeding Up the Sluggish Cables

Wired Wireless and a Re-Designed Morse Alphabet for Submarine Cable Communication

By S. R. Winters

Camera to Photograph Cylindrical Surfaces, Scoring Ice by Machine and more

Giant Submarines

What the Naval Architects are Doing in Developing Super-Submersibles

By Nauticus

California's Foot-and-Mouth Quarantine, Making the Sun Help the Microscope and more

The Story of Steel--VIII

From the Ingot to the Finished Product--Rolling Steel Rails

The Battleship "Mississippi" Disaster

The Elaborate Precautions Against Premature Ignition or Explosion of the Ammunition

An Advance in Trench-Digging Machinery, A Giant Among Vertical Spillways

Saving a Rotting Concrete Bridge

How Good Cement Was Injected Under Steam Pressure to Take the Place of the Bad

By Harold P. Brown

Taking the Ear-Phones Off the Waiting Radio Man, Glow-Light Protection Against Lightning and more

Jewelry from Fish Scales

A New American Industry, the Making of Imitation Pearls

By Donald K. Tressler

How Metals are Etched, A Soap Free from Lye


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