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With the Editors, October 1924

South Kearny, N. J., The Latest of the Great Steam-Electric Power Stations

Around the World by Air

The Details of the American Army Aviators' Experience, and the Lessons Learned

By Lieutenant Corley P. McDarment

Our Psychic Investigation

A Formulation of New Policy, and a Rejoinder to a Harsh Critic

By J. Malcolm Bird

Research and Power

What the Discoveries of Today May Mean to Tomorrow's User of Kilowatts

By E. W. Rice

Traffic Problems of the Large City

What They Were and How They Were Met in a Thoroughly Typical Case

By George C. Kelcey

Here and There, October 1924

The Failure of Metals by Fatigue

Why Steel and Iron Give Way Under Repetition of Relatively Slight Stresses

By F. A. Rowlinson

Syrian Tomb, Antedating that of the Eyptian King, Tutankhamen, Revealed to the Archaeologist by an Accidental Rock Fall

By S. W. Clatworthy

Bugs Which Will Not Take Poison

What the Shoe Reveals About the Foot

How Uneven Wear on Soles and Uppers Serves as an Indication of Foot Defects and Weaknesses

By Hamilton M. Wright

A Continuous Depth Indicator for Ships, Watch Jewels and more

Turning the Wheels of the Railroad: Steam Locomotives

Bringing the Carboniferous Period into the Greenhouse

How an Artificial Supply of Carbon Dioxide Stimulates Plant Growth Far Beyond Normal

By Ernest Bade

Noiseless Pavements of Long-Lived Rubber, External Water-Curtain for Skyscraper Protection

The Airplane Carrier "Hermes"

The First Ship Designed and Built Expressly for Airplane Service

By Nauticus

Consonants and the Telephone, The Latest and Largest Floating Crane and more


St. Louis' Super-Plant for Electric Power

By Oliver S. Arata

Energy Waste in Nature and Household, The Thyroid Gland

The Metamorphosis of the Farm Tractor, X-Ray Photographs of Mummies and more

The Story of Steel-IX

Rolling Wire Rods, Drawing Wire, and Making Nails

The British Empire Exhibition-III

The Palace of Engineering and Industry, and the Wembley Amusement Park

By J. B. C. Kershaw

Flax Barriers to Check Drifting Sand, Two Star Method of Position Finding and more

Ferments and their Work in the Organism

Seeing Without Eyes

Preparing Baby's Milk: How Milk is Pasteurized on a Huge Scale With a Minimum of Labor

Something New in Bridge Design

Spanning the Famous Entrance to San Francisco Harbor

Keeping the Crankcase Oil Pure, Firing a Locomotive with Milk and more

A Study in Feminine Invention

The Leading Woman Patron of Our Patent Office, and Some of Her Successful Patents

Our Radio Page, October 1924

Listening-In on the Latest Progress of the Broadcasting Art

By Austin C. Lescarboura


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