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With the Editors, November 1924

Helping Deafness by Nerve Stimulation

A Description of Some of the Newest Discoveries of Medical Science About the Human Ear, Its Deterioration and How It Sometimes Can Be Improved

By Paul V. Winslow

Our Psychic Investigation, November 1924

Preliminary Committee Opinions on the "Margery" Case

By E. E. Free

The Possibility of Other Kinds of Space

By Nicholas P. Rashevsky

Here and There, November 1924

Listening to the Stars

How the Night Skies Regulate the Clocks of France, Without the Aid of Any Human Hand

By Frederic M. Delano

Help Us Study the Solar Eclipse

The Radio Listeners of America Are Invited to Assist the Scientific American's Study of Static, Fading, and Other Radio Effects During the Total Eclipse of the Sun Next January

Behind the Curtain of a Great Theater-Some of the Things the Audience Never Sees

Our Post-War Navy

Maintaining the Fleet on the Treaty Basis

By H. C. Dinger

Six-Meter Team Race

Third Series of Contests for the International Cup

Precious Stones in Plants, Lubricating the Flanges of Locomotive Wheels and more

Putting Heat in the Bank

Thermal Critical Points and Their Relation to the Heat Treatment of Steel

By Arthur L. Collins

Making Cord-Tire Fabric by One of the New Web-Cord Processes

Development of the American Submarine

From the 64-Ton "Holland" of 1895 to the Sea-Going Submersibles of Today

Temperature Variations in Plants, An Electrical Jack-of-All-Trades

Microscopic Vegetable Growing

The Curious, Factory-Adapted Agricultural Processes of Yeast Manufacture

By Ralph Howard

Two Pecks of Sugar from One Bushel of Corn

The Story of Steel-X

Rolling Steel Shapes for Buildings and Bridges

Methods of Evolution

The Gasoline-Electric Bus

The Punch Press, The World's Most Dangerous Tool, And How It Is Robbed Of Its Menace in the Up-To-Date Factory

Charcoal, The Chemical Truant Officer

A New Process for Catching Volatile Solvents and Putting Them Back to Work

By Ismar Ginsberg

When the Leaves Begin to Fall, The Physics of Snow

By Ernest Bade

The Whys of Paper and Ink

Gases in Industry and Home

Living Catalysts

Our Radio Page, November 1924

Listening-In on the Latest Progress of the Broadcasting Art

Casein and its Products


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  • Radio Notes, November 1924

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