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With the Editors, December 1924

Scientific Tests for Good and Bad Singers

A Description of New Research on Methods of Determining the Characteristics and Possible Development of Singers Voices

By Douglas Stanley and H. H. Sheldon

Experiences Which I Cannot Explain Away

Are the Observations of This Noted Investigator Explainable by Mental Telepathy?

By Walter Franklin Prince

How Important is the Discovery of the Lost City of Leptis Magna?

An Editorial and Two Announcements, December 1924

Why We Are Trying to Make Gold

Our Radio Page, December 1924

Listening-In on the Latest Progress of the Broadcasting Art

Radio Vacuum Tubes that You Can Take Apart

By Frederic M. Delano

A Costly Dump Heap

The Latest Developments in Bank Burglary

New Scientific Devices Used by Burglars and How the Bankers Meet Them

By Edward H. Smith

Is the End of Our Power Resources in Sight?

New Facts About This Momentous Question Were Gathered at the Recent World Power Conference

This Great Tunnel, Forty-four Feet in Diameter, Will be the Largest in Existence

The Story of Steel--XI

The Manufacture of Butt-Welded and Lap-Welded Steel Pipe

Is Time the Fourth Dimension?

By Nicolas P. Rashevsky

The Basis of Aquatic Life

Some Significant Phases in the Study of the Plankton of Lakes and Seas, and What They Mean to Us

By Leon Augustus Hausman

Attacking Malaria With Airplanes

Letters from Our Readers, December 1924


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    Inventions New and Interesting, December 1924

  • The Heavens in December, 1924

  • Recently Patented Inventions

  • The Scientific American Digest, December 1924

  • Radio Notes, December 1924

  • Notes and Queries, December 1924

  • Science Notes the Present Status of Fruit and Vegetable Dehydration, December 1924

  • Index to Volume 131, December 1924

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