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What Should We Expect of Tomorrow's Motor Car Developments?

By H. W. Slauson

Mt. Shasta's Mighty River of Mud

What Causes and What Cures Fatigue?

Recent Remarkable Experiments by Professor A. V. Hill that Show How the Chemical Called Lactic Acid Controls the Action of Our Muscles

By R. L. Duffus

Famous German Sail-less Ship Driven by Same Wind Forces that Make Base Ball Curve

Do Not Miss Seeing the Solar Eclipse

The American Astronomical Society and the Scientific American Ask Certain Public Cooperation, as Explained on the Following Pages. On This Page Professor Russell Tells You Something of What This Greatest of Natural Spectacles Will Be Like...

By Henry Norris Russell

Eclipse Investigations not Requiring Special Equipment

By Ernest W. Brown

Our Own Radio Investigation

By the Eclipse Editor of the Scientific American

Mountains Made to Order

Glass Foregrounds Now Used in Hollywood Studios Instead of Expensive and Tiresome Trips to Strange Locations

By Paul D. Hugon

Can Huge Dirigibles Supplant Our Ocean Liners?

The First of Three Articles on the Possibilities of the Giant Rigid Dirigible

By Alexander Klemin

Common Accidents Easy to Avoid

New Bridge Saves Time

A New Niagara of Subterranean Power

Will We Find Hidden Sources of Power in the Earth's Inner Fires?

By Uthai Vincent Wilcox

A Race with Nature

A spectacular engineering feat is the construction of the great Sennar Dam, on the Blue Nile, in the Sudan. Here the engineer has been wrestling with the Nile floods and by herculean efforts is erecting an immense barrage, two miles in length, across the river, in order to hold up water for the irrigation of a million acres of parched land, where cotton is to be grown by means of hundreds of miles of canals...

By Harold J. Shepstone

Methods of Testing Chauffeurs

Tests for Determining the Caution and Fear-Reaction of Men Who Have Charge of Motor-Driven Vehicles

By H. S. McCauley

The Psychic Investigation

Report of Progress from Margery's Point of View

By L. R. G. Crandon

The Size of the Universe

The Third of a Series of Articles on the Real Nature of the World

By Nicolas P. Rashevsky

Jewels in the Eyes of Insects

Some Marvelous and Brilliant Optical-Devices of Nature's Making

By S. F. Aaron

Which Radio Set to Buy

This Department Inaugurates a New Service to Our Readers

Eclipse Coupon

The Scientific American Annual Automobile Guide, January 1925


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