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Which Races Are Best?

The First Article of a Series on Immigration

By Albert A. Hopkins

Solar System Inside The Atom

More Facts About the Flettner Rotor Ship

The Constructional, Operating and Theoretical Data for This Remarkable and Novel Sailing Ship, Some Illustrations of Which Were Presented in Our Last Issue

By H. O. Herzog

Some Radio Mysteries Which the Eclipse Investigation May Help to Explain

The Solar Eclipse

Watch Your Step!

Is the Steam Horse to Pass Away?

One New Type of Locomotive Has Three Cylinders Instead of Two. Its Advantages May Keep Steam at Work on Our Railways in Spite of Competition from Other Forms of Traction

By Albert G. Ingalls

Picture Feature

Leading a River Across the Desert

The Newest Plan of Los Angeles Engineers to Provide More Water for that Enterprising Metropolis

By Edward C. Crossman

Can We Prevent Aerial Holocausts?

The Second of a Series of Three Articles on the Probable Future of Giant Dirigible Airships

By Alexander Klemin

New Facts About Life on Mars

By Henry Norris Russell

Revolutionary New Facts About Hair

Recent Comparative Studies of Animal Hairs Under the Microscope Reveal a Remarkable Relationship Hitherto Unsuspected

By Leon Augustus Hausman

The High Point of Human Endurance

Which Radio Set to Buy

The Second Month of Our New Service to Radio Purchasers

Letters From Our Readers

A Cross-Word Puzzle

Test Your Knowledge of Scientific Terms. Earn a Credit Toward a New Subscription

By Jack Barrett

The Psychic Investigation, February 1925

A Letter from Dr. Walter Franklin Prince, Chairman of the Scientific American's Psychic Committee

By Walter Franklin Prince


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