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What Minute Will You Die?

By Mary McFadden

The Auto's Toll of Lives

How Can We Revise Our Traffic Laws to Make the Highways Safer?

By H. W. Slauson

"The Best Observed Eclipse in History"

A Preliminary Report of What Was Learned on January Twenty-fourth, Including the Results of the Scientific American's Observing Party

Our Artificial Gold Investigation

Photographs of Our Famous Experiments on Cracking the Atom

New Knowledge of Old Egypt

American Expeditions Are Adding to Our Information About Centuries of the Past Photographs by courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Hunting Spiders

Predaceous Habits of These Insects Make Them Useful to Man

By S. F. Aaron

The Age of Fire is Passing

Important New Developments of Electric Heating that Promise Much for Industry

By Calvert Townley

Model Maker Suggests Way to Help New York Traffic

Widening the Limits of the Universe

Two Spiral Nebulae Discovered to Be One Million Light-Years Away

By Henry Norris Russell

Future Leviathans of the Skies

The Last of Three Articles on Dirigible Airships

By Alexander Klemin

What Becomes of the Energy Contained in a Ton of Coal

Heavens Built of Concrete

Ingenious Optical Devices Installed in Concrete Dome Are Used to Show the Motions of the Stars

By G. H. Morison

Our Radio Page

Listening-In on the Latest Progress of the Broadcasting Art

Streamline Bodies Save Power

By J. H. W. Kerston

Steel to Replace Stone

High Bridge with Its Historical Background and Architectural Beauty to Be Retained

Which Radio Set to Buy

The Third Month of Our New Service to Radio Purchasers

A Cross-Word Puzzle

Test Your Knowledge of Scientific Terms. Earn a Credit Toward a New Subscription

By Jack Barrett


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  • Inventions New and Interesting, March 1925

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  • The Scientific American Digest, March 1925

  • The Heavens in March 1925

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, March 1925

  • Radio Notes, March 1925

  • Notes and Queries, March 1925

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