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Two Outstanding Features of the Eclipse

An Account of the Origin of the Shadow Bands and of the Famous Diamond Ring

By Henry Norris Russell

Why Was the Moon Late?

How the Efforts of Many Volunteer Observers Contributed to the Precise Measure of the Moon's Position in Space

The Effects of the Eclipse on Radio

A Preliminary Report of the Comprehensive Observations Made By Our Own Collaborators and Others

By Alfred P. Lane and F. X. Walsh

Prize for Criticism of Eclipse Motion Picture

An Announcement of a Contest Which We Hope All Our Readers Will Join

A New Link in Man's Ancestry

The Psychic Investigation, April 1925

Claims of "Margery" to Produce Supernormal Phenomena Are Rejected by the Committee

Why Let Your House Catch Fire?

A Famous Fire Chief Gives Some Authoritative Advice on How to Help Decrease America's Staggering Bill for Fire Losses

By John Kenlon

New Concrete Pier at Bremerton Navy Yard

Economy of Combined Precast and Poured Concrete

By J. Bernard Walker

Devices to Enable a Pilot to Maintain His Course and Equilibrium in Foggy Weather

From the Gold of Croesus to the Gold Dust Twins

For Thousands of Years Men Have Used Special Marks to Indicate Quality or Authenticity

By K. A. Campbell

Protection from the Tooth of Time

A Description of the Little-Known Art of Restoring and Preserving Old or Damaged Documents and Prints

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Unusual Occupation of Inlaying Prints

Our Radio Page, April 1925

The Electric Light Socket and Our Vacuum Tubes

Electric Filters that Illustrate Defects of Radio Loudspeakers

By Paul B. Findley

The 1924 Eruption of the Hawaiian Volcano

An Eye-witness Describes the First Fatal Explosion of Modern Times

By Harold T. Stearns

Modern Ideas for Machine Shops

Moving the Machines to the Work in the Shops of the General Electric Company

The Krupp Turbine Locomotive

The Story of Steel--XII

Manufacture of Seamless Steel Tubing

The Smell Organs of Insects

The Antennae of Insects Play a Most Important Part in Their Struggles for Existence

By S. F. Aaron

A New Variety of Cross-Word Puzzle

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