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Out of Doors With the Earth

With a Simple Vacation Equipment, the Amateur May Easily Learn the Meaning of the Earth's Ever-varied Geological Features

By Albert G. Ingalls

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

Some of the Scientific Refinements in the Oxford Shell

By J. Bernard Walker

How Science Aids the Safety of German Ships

Herbert Hoover and the Patent Office

The Transfer of the Patent Office to the Department of Commerce Has Produced Already One Proposal Helpful to American Inventors

Vacation Meteorology and the Lure of Cloudland

By Charles Fitzhugh Talman

Analyzing a "Pea Souper"

How the Meteorological Office Studies London Fog

The Roman Villa at Chedworth

Found in Hunting a Whining Ferret

By A. Forestier

The Low-Resistance Airplane

The Technical Essentials of Commercially Profitable Aviation

By J. Bernard Walker

Making the Air Tell Tales on itself

Recently Perfected Devices Which Keep a Record of the Moisture in the Air

By Paul B. Findley

New Motor Liner Aorangi

This Eighteen-knot Vessel, 600 Feet Long, of 13,500 Horsepower, Is the Largest Motor Ship Afloat

The Star Called "Wonderful"

Remarkable New Facts About the Star Whose Name is Mira

By Henry Norris Russell

A Three-hundred-ton Machine Tool

The Story of Steel--XIV

Welfare Work, Or the Human Side of the Steel Industry

What are the Sounds that Insects Hear?

By S. F. Aaron

News for Inventors, June 1925

A Department of Facts and Notes of Interest to Patentees and to Owners of Patent and Trademark Rights

By Milton Wright


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, June 1925

  • Inventions New and Interesting, June 1925

  • Recently Patented Inventions, June 1925

  • The Scientific American Digest, June 1925

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, June 1925

  • Science and Money, June 1925

  • Science Notes

  • The Heavens in June 1925

  • Radio Notes, June 1925

  • Notes and Queries, June 1925

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