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The Kingdom of the Tides

By Roy Waldo Miner

Air Traffic in Europe

How the Old World Is Developing a Neglected American Invention

What the Earth is Made of

By Henry S. Washington

The Cathedral of Learning

The "Lost City" of Nevada

By M. R. Harrington

The Amazing World Growth of Telephone Facilities

Enjoy Your Radio "Far from the Madding Crowd"

New Portable Sets and Land Wire Connections Between Broadcasters Make Radio Entertainment Popular in Summer as Well as Winter

By Orrin E. Dunlap

The Passing of "Old Ironsides"

A Call to the American People to Save Their Most Famous Ship

By J. Bernard Walker
Anno Domini 225" id="article-cross-words-anno-domini-225">

"Cross-Words" Anno Domini 225

Chemistry in World Affairs--I

By H. E. Howe

There are no "Jimmy Valentines"

The Burglar Doesn't Live Whose Sense of Touch Can Find the Combination of the Modern Vault

By E. J. Goodnough

World's Greatest City Water Supply System

Three Newly Discovered Comets

By Henry Norris Russell

The Dire Demon in Our Forests

Scientific Forest Fire-fighting, a New Profession

By Theodore M. Knappen

Engine Balance

The First of Two Articles Giving a Diagrammatic Explanation of the Resolution of Forces for Counterbalancing Vibration

By P. Cormac

News for Inventors

A Department of Facts and Notes of Interest to Patentees and to Owners of Patent and Trademark Rights

By Milton Wright

Banana Land

Story in Pictures of One of the Chief Industries of the West Indies

By Thomas F. Lee

The Wonderful Weaver of Webs

In the Air, Under Ground or in the Water the Artistic, But Unsentimental Spider Spins Her Snare

By Ewald Schild

Putting Slag to Work

A Newcomer in the Field of Concrete Construction

Surveying the Oceans With the Non-Magnetic Yacht "Carnegie"

By J. P. Ault

Making the Staff of Life by Machinery

Photographs on the opposite page taken in the plant of the Ward Bread Company

"Which Races are Best?"

The Views of Some of Our Correspondents on This Much-discussed Article


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, July 1925

  • Inventions New and Interesting, July 1925

  • Recently Patented Inventions, July 1925

  • Science Notes, July 1925

  • The Scientific American Digest, July 1925

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, July 1925

  • Radio Notes, July 1925

  • The Heavens in July 1925

  • Science and Money, July 1925

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