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By James H. Collins

Wind, Sail and Sea

Growing Popularity of Yachting in the Smaller Types of Boat

By J. Bernard Walker

The Impossible in Stage Lighting is Achieved

How David Belasco Produces the Effect of Every Conceivable Sky Color, from Midnight Blue-black, Dusk and Moonrise Shadings to the White Light of Early Dawn

By John J. Wallace

Did Man Descend from Monkeys?

The Unqualified Denial of Man's Ape-like Origin Is Misleading and Lacks Candor Teaching Only a Diluted Darwinism

By Albert G. Ingalls

Tagging a Bullet on the Wing

A New Apparatus that Photographs the Flying Bullet in Less than a Millionth of a Second

By S. P. Meek

The Theory of Stellar Evolution Modified

A Star's Life History Reinterpreted in the Light of New Knowledge

By Henry Norris Russell

The Silent Menace of the Oceans

Only One-ninth of an Iceberg Projects Above the Water

Must Our Universe be Infinite?

The World May Appear to Us Very Different From What It Is

By Nicolas P. Rashevsky

Safeguarding the Airplane Pilot

Government Tests Determine How High Each Aviator May Safely Fly

By Boyden Sparks

The Higher Education of the Silkworm

By Philip N. Youtz

Will Your Radio Set be Obsolete?

Research Laboratories, the Navy, and Amateurs Are Experimenting and Discovering Numerous Advantages to be Obtained by the Use of Short Wavelengths

By Orrin E. Dunlap

United States Bureau of Standards Eclipse Observations

Important Spectroscopic, Radiometric, Illumination and Other Observations Were Made by Government Scientists During the Sun's Last Eclipse

By George K. Burgess

Grisly War Trophies

How the Jivaro Indians Shrink the Heads and Bodies of Their Victims

By Alanson B. Skinner

How the Parisian Enjoys Opera at Home

Telephone Subscribers Enjoy a Unique Service from a Central Switchboard by Means of an Elaborate System of Amplification

By Frederic M. Delano

Chemistry in World Affairs--III

By H. E. Howe

Some Naval Theories Exploded

A Reply to the Criticisms of Captain Dudley W. Knox, U.S.N. (Ret.)

By J. Bernard Walker

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings

The Life Spark of Motordom

Cars of High and Low Degree Bow to the Efficiency of the Spark Plug

By Channing Patten

Insect Parasites of Insects

The Story of How Nature Provides Against the Over Propagation of Species and of How the Larva of the Fly Feeds Upon Caterpillars and Other Insects

By S. F. Aaron

New Light on Evolving Man

Recent Events Have Given the Science of Man's Evolution a New Impetus

By Albert G. Ingalls

News for Inventors, September 1925

A Department of Facts and Notes of Interest to Patentees and to Owners of Patent and Trademark Rights

By Milton Wright


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, September 1925

  • Inventions New and Interesting, September 1925

  • Recently Patented Inventions

  • The Scientific American Digest, September 1925

  • In the Editor's Mail, September 1925

  • The Heavens in September 1925

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, September 1925

  • Science and Money, September 1925

  • Science Notes, September 1925

  • Radio Notes, September 1925

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