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The Air Races of 1925

Interest in Aeronautics Is Shifting from Speed to Utility

By Alexander Klemin

Is the Universe Running Down?

Within the Last Few Years, Vistas Have Been Opened By New Discoveries that Extend the Range About Which We Can Make Predictions by a Thousand-fold

By Henry Norris Russell

My Doubts About Spirit Photographs

By Walter Franklin Prince

Tragic Loss of the Submarine S-51

Rammed by a Merchant Ship, the S-51 Sinks with a Loss of Thirty-five Men

Man is what he Eats

How Food Affects Physiology, Mentality and the Destiny of Races

By Rudolph M. Binder

The Constitution Saved by Canvas Sea Anchors

Story by an Eyewitness on Board the "Constitution"

By William H. Woodwell

Veterinary Department of Western University

Finest Anatomical Laboratory of Its Kind in America

Does a Radio "Roof" Top the World?

Region Of Rarefied Air High Above the Earth Is Held Responsible for Wave Propagation and Fading Radio Concerts

By Orrin E. Dunlap Jr.

The Progress of Medical Science--III

Deficiency Diseases and Cancer; Methods of Diagnosis; Drug Therapy

By Morris Fishbein

Plating Rubber, Just Like Metal

By a Remarkable Process, Recently Discovered, Rubber May be Electrodeposited on Metal, Wood or Cloth

By D. H. Killeffer

The Arrival of the Boat-tail Bullet

Government Tests Show that the New Shape of Bullet Practically Doubles the Effective Range of a Rifle or Machine Gun

By Edward C. Grossman

A Machine that is More than Human

An Amazing Electro-mechanical Device Which Distinguishes Between Thirty Different Shades

By Albert A. Hopkins

What Becomes of Your Railroad Fares

The Billions that Go Into the Railroad Treasuries Pass Out Quickly to Turn the Wheels of Industry

Bridge to Span the Grand Canyon

By Far the Loftiest Structure Ever Planned to Cross from Wall to Wall of the World's Profoundest Gorge

By Lewis R. Freeman

Buried Treasure

Apparatus for Locating Underground Minerals, and Pseudo-scientific Imitations

By Albert G. Ingalls

Naturalizing the Chinchilla

The Valuable, Fur-bearing Rodent, Almost Extinct in His Native Andes Mountains, Is Being Colonized Now in California

By John L. Von Blon

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings

News for Inventors, December 1925

A Department of Facts and Notes of Interest to Patentees and to Owners of Patent and Trademark Rights

By Milton Wright


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, December 1925

  • Inventions New and Interesting, December 1925

  • Recently Patented Inventions, December 1925

  • The Scientific American Digest, December 1925

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, December 1925

  • Radio Notes, December 1925

  • In the Editor's Mail, December 1925

  • Science and Money, December 1925

  • The Heavens in December 1925

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