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Cosmic Rays, March 1926

Radiation 10,000,000 Times the Frequency of Visible Light Has Just Been Added to the Growing Gamut of Ethereal Waves

By R. A. Millikan

Our Alaska Railroad

How the Building of This Railroad in the Face of Colossal Obstacles Opened the Far North to Freight and Passenger Traffic

By Noel W. Smith

Solving Greenland's Historic Mystery

The Medieval Tragedy of White Colonists in the Far North

By Harold J. Shepstone

Star Clusters

There Is a Close Relation Between the Brightness and Spectral Types of Their Component Stars

By Henry Norris Russell

The Subjugation of the Colorado

Substituting Power, Light and Fertile Lands for Disastrous Flood Waters

By Guy Elliot Mitchell

Cooling Your House in Summer

How a Former Chief of the Weather Bureau Solved the Problem of Keeping the Air in His Home Cool in Hot Weather and Moist in Winter

Scenes in a Pineapple Cannery in Hawaii

Seeing Around the World by Radio

The Development of a New Combination Photo-electric Cell and Vacuum Tube Has Created an Eye for Wireless'

By Orrin E. Dunlap

Mountings for Reflecting Telescopes

By Russell W. Porter
Peacetime Uses for "Poison Gas"

Peacetime Uses for "Poison Gas"

A Wartime Weapon Is Made to Serve Mankind

By D. H. Killeffer

Telephoning Beneath the Sea

Using Sound Waves Above the Audible Frequency, the Navy Has Developed a New Way to Telephone Secretly Through the Water from Ship to Ship

By Nell Ray Clarke

A Tree of Electricity

The Restoration of Ancient Bronzes

How Corrosion of Antique Works of Art Is Halted and Restoration Is Accomplished by a Process of Electrolysis

By Charles H. Eldridge and Colin G. Fink

More Mud Houses

By Karl J. Ellington

The Art of Cutting Diamonds

How the Rough Stone Is Cut, Sawed and Polished to Produce the Most Brilliant of Jewels

By Albert A. Hopkins

The Carolina Wren

This Happy, Optimistic Mite of a Bird Is a Musician, Architect and Artisan

By S. F. Aaron

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings


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    Our Point of View, March 1926

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  • Science and Money the Oil Industry

  • In the Editor's Mail, March 1926

  • Radio Notes, March 1926

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, March 1926

  • Patents Recently Issued, March 1926

  • Commercial Property News, March 1926

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