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Recent Excavations at Corinth

A Group of American Archaeologists Has Unearthed Important Greek Discoveries

By Theodore Leslie Shear

The Scientific Study of Athletics

Our Bodies Are Machines, Whose Energy Expenditures May Be Closely Measured

By A. V. Hill

Heroism on the High Seas

An Epic of the Daring, Skill, and Self-sacrifice of American Sailormen

By J. Bernard Walker

A Stellar System 700,000 Light-Years Away

How the Distance to N.G.C. 6822, Containing Millions of Suns, Was Measured

By Henry Norris Russell

Uncle Sam, Spendthrift—I

The Magnificent Forests Which Once Covered the Greater Part of the United States Have Largely Been Swept Out of Existence

By J. Bernard Walker

A New Maya Discovery in Mexico

A Remarkable Find that May Alter Our Interpretation of Maya Indian History, and Set a Closer Date to the Founding of the New Empire of the Mayas

By Thomas Gann

Shooting Radio Concerts into the Sky

Experiments with a New Type of Wave, Which Twists in Space Like a Corkscrew

By Orrin E. Dunlap Jr.

Diving Through Mud to Rock

By Frank W. Skinner

The Super-Telescope

A Scientific Fantasy of the Past and the Future

By M. Luckiesh

Down On the Fish Farm

Whether You Catch Him in the Brook or Order Him at the Hotel, Your Trout's First Home Was the Hatchery

By Milton Wright

$300,000,000 Annually Consumed by Rust!

Paint, While a Retardent, Is Not a Preventive. Only By Scientific Analysis of the Atom Structure Will Rust-proof Metals Be Developed

By D. H. Killeffer

A "Garden of Allah" In Death Valley

How Irrigation Will Cause Date Palms to Flourish in Furnace Creek Ranch, One Hundred and Seventy Feet Below Sea Level

By John L. Von Blon

New Arenas of Sport

Huge College Football Stadiums of Today Rival in Size and Seating Capacity the Ancient Coliseums of the Roman Empire

By Oscar Lewis

The Six-Mile Moffat Tunnel

By Means of Special Equipment the Main and Auxiliary Tunnels Are Being Driven Side by Side Through the Rockies

By George F. Paul

The Persian Lamb and Our Fur Industry

How the Crossing of Pure Imported Karakul Sheep with American Breeds of Sheep Will Make Possible the Production of Valuable Furs in the United States

By Guy E. Mitchell

Goiter—A Dietary Problem

By J. W. Tarrentine

Interest Revived in Racing Pigeons

The Mythological Rain-Tree

Fifteenth-Century Travelers Told Tales of a Marvelous Rain-producing Tree

By Leon Augustus Hausman

From the Scrap-book of Science—Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings

Novel Devices for the Shop and the Home, April 1926

A Department Devoted to Recently Invented Mechanical and Household Appliances

By Albert A. Hopkins


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  • In The Editor's Mail, April 1926

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  • The Heavens in April 1926

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