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Ancient Mariners and the Spread of Early Civilization

By G. Elliot Smith

How Can We Produce Scientific Workers?

By T. D. A. Cockerell

Malaria and the Mosquito Fish

A Plan to Exterminate Malaria by Means of a Fish that Eats Malaria-carrying Mosquitos

By David Starr Jordan

Acoustical Research in Auditoriums

By Making a Scientific Study of Rooms Having Bad Acoustics It Is Often Possible to Eliminate Echos

By H. H. Sheldon

Is Anti-aircraft Artillery Overtaking the Airplane?

An Answer to Those Who Fear the Danger of Invasion from the Air

By Colonel H. E. Cloke

The Great Outer Planets

Jupiter and Saturn Have Hot Centers and Frigid Exteriors

By Henry Norris Russell

Tut-Ankh-Amen's Golden Coffins, the Work of Ancient Egypt's Most Skilled Artisians

Radio Whirlpools in the Ether

Modern Broadcasting Plants Charge the Air With Powerful Electric Streams

By Orrin E. Dunlap

Old Problems and New Methods in Prehistory

The Relations Between the Physical and Cultural Evolution of Ancient Man

By George Grant MacCurdy

A Diamond Quest in California

Cherokee Mine, Once One of the Richest Gold Producers, May Now Become a Diamond Mine

By Winfield Scott

Interesting Air Stamps and Historic Cancellations

Horsepower from the Tides

Proposal to Develop Half a Million Horsepower at the Bay of Fundy

By J. Bernard Walker

A Way to Conserve Our Valuable Timber Supply

How Industrial Wood Preservation May Help to Save Our Fast Disappearing Forests

By R. K. Helphenstine

Western City Ends Flood Menace

Moving a River Half a Mile Across the City of Pueblo

By J. E. Murphy

An Underground Moving Picture Theatre

A Novel Method of Providing Entertainment and Instruction for Miners and Their Families

By James H. Collins

Fossils in Architecture

Nature Faking

Popular, Fallacies Have Grown Out of Pseudo-Scientific Nature Lore

By S. F. Aaron

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings


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    Our Point of View, May 1926

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  • Science and Money, May 1926

  • The Heavens in May 1926

  • In the Editor's Mail, May 1926

  • Radio Notes, May 1926

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, May 1926

  • Commercial Property News, May 1926

  • Patents Recently Issued, May 1926

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