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Prodigal Mother Nature

By Cross-breeding and Persistent Selection the Plant Breeder Speeds Up Nature's Slow, Wasteful Hit-or-miss Methods of Producing New Species a Thousand-fold

By Luther Burbank

How to Observe the Great, New Sun Spots

By Henry Norris Russell

And We Call Ourselves Efficient

By H. W. Slauson

The Internal Heat of the Earth

The Center of the Earth--What We Know of Its Temperature, Structure and Its Composition

By Frank Wigglesworth Clarke

The Great Crimson Aurora of March 9, as Seen Over the City of London

Mileage Goes Up in Smoke

Uncle Sam, Spendthrift--II

Shall the "Wildcatter" Wreck Our Oil Resources as the Lumberman Has Wrecked Our Forests?

By J. Bernard Walker

Houses Built in Twenty-four Hours!

The Hydrostatic System of Trees

The Force that Draws Tons of Sap to the Topmost Branches of Trees Is the Evaporation of Water from the Leaves

By D. T. MacDougal

The Applied Science of Public Spending

Through an Effective Budget System Our Government Is Saving Millions This Year

By Albert A. Hopkins

Budding Scientists

A Nation-wide Organization Is Training Our Future Leaders in Research Work

By Milton Wright

Odd Pieces of Change

A Weird Miscellany of Queer-shaped Coins Have Been the Forerunners of the Round Flat Money of Today

By Howland Wood

X Rays and Atoms

By Means of Crystals or Powders the X Rays Are Diffracted or Reflected in Definite Patterns. These Enable the Analyst to Deduce the Arrangement of the Atoms Within the Crystals

Eavesdropping on the Arctic

Radio Fans Will Comb the Ether for Messages from the Aviator-explorers Racing to the Pole

By Orrin E. Dunlap

The Manufacture of a Battleship's Turret Guns

From the Molten Steel in the Furnace to the Finished Gun on the Ship

By W. H. P. Blandy


The Famous College Where Our Future Admirals Receive Their First Training

By J. Bernard Walker

Oil Engine in a New Field

Performance of Powerful Diesel-Electric Dredge, Port of Portland

Something New in Gas Holders

Details of a Waterless, Non-telescopic Gas Holder at Michigan City, Indiana


  • Departments

    Our Point of View, June 1926

  • Novel Devices for the Shop and the Home, June 1926

  • The Scientific American Digest, June 1926

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, June 1926

  • In the Editor's Mail, June 1926

  • Science and Money, June 1926

  • The Heavens in June 1926

  • Radio Notes, June 1926

  • Commercial Property News, June 1926

  • Patents Recently Issued, June 1926

  • Index to Volume 134--January-June, 1926

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