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The Race and Antiquity of the American Indian

There Is No Valid Evidence that the Indian Has Long Been in the New World

By Ales Hrdlicka

Polarized Light and Plants

Preliminary Research Traces an Apparent Connection Between Moonlight and Plant Growth. More Research Is Needed. The Amateur Can Help Perform It

By H. H. Sheldon

Is the Earth's Diameter Changing?

By Henry Norris Russell

Natural History for Tourists

No Matter Where You Go You Will Find a Wealth of Subjects for an Interesting Study of Living Nature

By T. D. A. Cockerell

How High Up?

Far Above the Clouds and Extending Out Towards Empty Space There Are Many Interesting but Incompletely Understood Phenomena. Can Science Explore These Lofty Regions?

By Noel Deisch

Miniature Amusement Devices for the Tiny Tots

The Riddle of Patience Worth

Here Are Presented the Records, to Date, of an Investigation Conducted in a Scientific Manner by a Serious-minded Seeker After the Truth

By Walter Franklin Prince

Science Invades the Farm

It Is a Far Cry from the Man Behind the Plow to the Modern "Once-over" Tiller Drawn by a Gasoline or Steam Propelled Tractor

By Archer P. Whallon

Do You Know How To Get Along With People?

Why Some People Get Ahead in the World While Others do Not

By F. A. Moss

Latest of Our Great Bridges

An Old Two-track, Timber Bridge Replaced By a Steel, Four-track Bridge 7,411 Feet Long

By J. Bernard Walker

Building a Talk-bridge Over the Sea

New Radio System Is Called "Single Side-band Transmission", With the Carrier Wave Suppressed

By Orrin E. Dunlap

The Welland Ship Canal

Progress on a 25-foot Waterway With 30-foot Locks that Will Open the Great Lakes to the Ocean

By J. Bernard Walker

A Romantic Achievement in Industrial Chemistry

A Paint Which May Be Applied Quickly, Will Dry Rapidly, Is Tough, Hard and Resistant to the Elements

Measuring the Color of Hay

Definite Standards of Color Have Been Formulated for Use in Grading Hay

By O. M. Kile

Agriculture in the Tropics

In Actual Production of Food Value per Acre of Land Cultivated, the Banana Exceeds Wheat or Any Other Crop

Forty-one Hours from Raw Materials to the Finished Automobile--Through Systematic Production Methods

Killing Vibration

An Exact, Scientific Method by which Minute Unbalanced Masses in Rotating Parts of Machinery are Being Located

What Will the Next Ten Years Reveal in Yucatan?

Branding Timber by Machinery


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