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American Building Methods in Greece

How the Gennadeion, Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Was Built in Two Years and Two Months

By Gladys Thompson

French Trans-African Expedition

Was the Cave Man a House-builder?

The Remains of a Crude Wooden Structure, Probably Built by the Long-extinct Neanderthal Man, Have Recently Been Unearthed in England

By J. Reid Moir

Fire-escape for Bed-ridden Hospital Patients

A Twenty-Five Foot "Eye"

Astronomers Have Planned a Monster Telescope, Many Times Greater Than the Largest Now in Existence. Its Actual Construction Awaits the Necessary Funds. A 1600-Ton Marvel of Mechanical Precision...

By Henry Norris Russell

A New Chapter in Electrical Engineering

Practical Experience Rather than Theoretical Reasoning Is the System that Has Been Found Most Satisfactory in the Development of Superpower

Acres of Radio

Invisible Waves Shot Into the Sky from the Mohawk Valley Recall the Indian's Curling Columns of Smoke

By Orrin E. Dunlap

Uncle Sam, Spendthrift--IV

Conservation of Gasoline by Its Recovery from Gas; by Improved Refining Methods; and by Using Special Anti-Knock Gasoline in High-Speed Motors

By J. Bernard Walker

The Romance of the Norfolk Islanders

Modern Descendants of Mutineers Furnish Material for Research

By H. L. Shapiro

Reclaiming Three Million Acres of "Darkest Africa"

A Distinctly New Rectifier

A Dry Metal Oxide Between Two Electrodes Makes a Rectifier that Presents a Wide Field for Interesting Experimental Work

By H. H. Sheldon

Are we Over the Pole?

How Byrd and Bennet Were Able to Answer This Question by the Aid of New Navigation Instruments

By Nell Ray Clarke

Plants Grow in Air-tight Containers

The Balanced Processes of Green Plants Enable Them to Live Almost Indefinitely in an Hermetically Sealed System

By Raymond H. Wallace

Beacons of Safety

Day and Night, Lighthouse, Lightship and Buoy Safeguard the Maritime Highways of Commerce

Fingerprints as Identification Marks in Ancient Greece-a Brief for Early Trade-marks

A Zeppelin Express Cruiser

Metal Versus Fabric

All-metal Naval Airship in Which Duralumin Plating Is Used as an Outside Covering

What Lowered the Great Lakes

Jupiter Pluvius, Not Chicago, Mainly Responsible for Low Lake Levels

By J. Bernard Walker

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings

Four Interesting Members of the Reptile Family

Huge Gold Dredges of the West

Snow-white Marble of Carrara Still the Best


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