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Cold Lights of the Sea

Fishes Which Inhabit Great Depths Carry Their Own Lanterns

By David Starr Jordan

The Direful Scourge Called "Hail"

The Wonder of the Commonplace

".. Tongues in Trees, Books in the Running Brooks, Sermons in Stones.." As You Like It

By Paul R. Heyl

Redetermining the Velocity of Light

By Henry Norris Russell

The "America's" Cup Defenders

What Has Become of the Famous Yachts Which Have Successfully Defended the Cup Since It Was Won 75 Years Ago

By J. Bernard Walker

The Salvage of the "S-51"

A Feat of Engineering Without Precedent in Naval Records

By Edward Ellsberg

Amateurs Find Marconi was Right

Short-wave Possibilities and Beam Radio Were Outlined by Inventor in 1922

By Orrin E. Dunlap Jr.

Important Discoveries Made by Archaeologists at Leptis Magna, in Tripolitania, the Italian Possession on the South Shore of the Mediterranean Sea

Hunting Fossil Insects

Even a Modest Expedition, When Properly Conducted, Can Bring Forth Much Knowledge of Scientific Value

By T. D. A Cockerell

Guinea Pigs of Motordom!

How Automobile Racing Gives Us a Longer Ride for Our Money

By Nell Ray Clarke

Clean Comfort in the Home

How the Coal-burning Furnace May Be Converted to An Oil-burning Type, and the Results of the Change

By Louis S. Treadwell

Uncle Sam, Spendthrift--V

Waste in the Mining, Marketing and Using of Coal, and the Remedy

By J. Bernard Walker

Little-known Ice Ages of Great Antiquity

Most People Know of One Glacial Period. But There Were Several Before That

By Albert G. Ingalls

Huge Job of Solid Rock Excavation

How Engineers Drilled and Blasted Through 50 Feet of Manhattan Rock to Reach a Firm Foundation for a 45-story Building

By Frank W. Skinner

The Scourge of the Japanese Beetle

Bug Fights Bug in an Attempt to Rid Certain Eastern States of an Insect Blight that Threatens to Destroy Many Plant Growths

By J. L. Miller

Yale's Great New Museum of Evolution

The World Has Many Museums, But the Peabody Museum at Yale Is Unique--There Is No Other Like It

By Richard Swann Lull

From the Scrap-book of Science--Camera Shots of Scientific Happenings

What Asthma and Hay-fever Are

Medical Science is No Longer Baffled by These Peculiar Diseases

By Grafton Tyler Brown

World's Largest Sewage Disposal Problem

Chicago's Great Effort to Purify Sewage and Factory Wastes, Equivalent to That of a Population of Five Million People, by Modern Methods of Tank Treatment


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