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The Treaty Cruiser--is it Worth While?

High Speed and Heavy Battery Offset By Poor Protection

By Hector C. Bywater

Parachute Carries Air Plane to Earth

The Excited States of Atoms

By Karl T. Compton

Mars Again Our Neighbor

Recent Photographic and Other Investigations With Instruments Instead of the Human Eye Confirm the Majority of the Conclusions of Lowell Concerning Mars

By Henry Norris Russell

The Antiquity of Man in America

Who Were the First Americans? Whence Came They?

By Harold J. Cook

A Practical Hand-propelled Vehicle of Unique Construction

Reducing Errors in Navy Signaling

A System of Denoting the Letters of the Alphabet by Special Names Has Been Found Highly Effective in Increasing Accuracy

By Alfred P. H. Tawresey

Autumn Styles in Radio

Alternating-current Operated Receivers Are An Outstanding Development

By Orrin E. Dunlap Jr.

Uncle Sam, Spendthrift--VI

The Destruction of Many of Our Finest Fisheries Has Been Only Less Complete Than the Destruction of Our Forests

By J. Bernard Walker

Can Welding Replace the Rivet?

Tests That Have Been Made Under Identical Conditions Show That Steel Structures Fabricated With Welded Joints Have Inherent Advantages Over Those Which Are Riveted

By A. M. Candy

Can We Rid City Air of Dust?

Investigations Conducted by the Weather Bureau Indicate that Atmospheric Dust Is an Important Factor in Our Lives. Much Is Being Learned About the Tiny Solid Particles in the Air

By Dorothy E. Fletcher

The Fossil Bones of Early Man

Man's Life on Earth Has Been Extremely Long. As We Trace It Back His Bodily Form Becomes More Primitive

By J. Reid Moir

Latest Lofty Dam in California

Dam, 330 Feet High, Impounds Sufficient Water to Cover 289,000 Acres One Foot Deep

Giant Testing Machine Pulls 2,800,000 Pounds

Classifying the Arthropod

This Sub-division of Animals That Have No Bones Makes an Interesting Subject for the Nature Student

By S. F. Aaron

When Reading, Your Eyes Move in Jumps

Tests With Chinese Characters in Vertical and Horizontal Lines Disclose Some Remarkable Facts About the Movements of the Eyeball

By Walter Miles

The Romantic Quest of the Iridescent Pearl

A Power Plant Greater than Niagara or Muscle Shoals

How Death Deals its Cards

Death in a Thousand Shapes Is Knocking Eternally at Everyman's Door

By Albert A. Hopkins

A Sewer as Large as a Three-track Subway


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  • Radio Notes, November 1926

  • In the Editor's Mail, November 1926

  • The Heavens in November 1926

  • Learning to Use Our Wings, November 1926

  • Commercial Property News, November 1926

  • Patents Recently Issued, November 1926

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